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Relocating 40G tank question

Good Morning,

This is my first thread after looking around the forums for a while. I tried search around with no luck. I plan on relocated my 40G breeder tank from one side of the house to another. I know that I should keeping as much of the old water as possible.

When I first bought the substrate I got flourite and I didn't know I need to rinse it out. Well after a year, there is still dust/dirt stuck in the substrate and it bothers me a lot when I escape. Would it be safe for me to take out the substrate and rinse it out during the move, replant, and then add the water in?

Personally I prefer eco complete but I canít afford to completely replace the substrate at the moment. How would you recommend me to change out the substrate later on if I ever decide to change it?

The Inhabitants:
-1 Angel Fish
-4 Platies
-7 Serpae tetras
-2 Amano Shrimp

Lightly planted at the moment

Thanks in advice guys
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