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cycling tank(ADA soil),high ammonia & nitrate

Hi guys ,

Recently started a 4 gallon tank 2 weeks back .
Im using ADA africana and malaya soil .
It's not heavily planted , just some java fern , moss , crypts , anubias .
It's a low tech tank currently housing only 1 cardinal tetra and 1 oto from another tank .
Added a HOB and some water from another tank to speed up the cycle .
Added Seachem Stability according to instruction .

1 week later i tested the water with API master test kit and got a shock .
Ammonia and Nitrate reading was off the chart , like 4.0 ppm and 80ppm .
I know ADA soil gives off plenty of ammonia at the start , is my reading for ammonia normal ?
Its been 2 weeks and my nitrate is so high too , I wonder if i missed the Nitrite spike at all . Wondering if my tank is already cycled becaused I only test the water 1 week after .

For the past 3 days been doing 40% water change daily and reading is still about the same .
Should I continue to do more water change or shall I just let the tank be ?
Tested my tap water for both ammonia and nitrate and it's fine .
My tank PH is about 6.2
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