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Two questions - pH and Ca related

First - The last few times I have checked my GH from the tank, it was around 16-18. I have started since adding Mg, as I am trying to figure out the deficiency in my tank.

My question it possible that even with a high GH, Ca dosing may be necessary? My city's water report states:

Alkalinity mg/L as CaCO3 176
Total Hardness grains per gallon 13.7
These additional analyses had non-detectable results in 2005: Copper, Iron, Manganese and Silver

************************************************** *******

Second - pH readings to determine CO2 levels (pressurized).

I have Seachem's and another brand pH readers/indicators hanging in the tank (one on each side), also API's test kit, and a drop checker (5 dKh water).

Each one tells me something different. Seachem's reads 8.6 (it hasn't changed since I put it in and it is the second one that has done this). The other reads 6.8 and heck if I have seen it change except when I initially put it in.

The test kit reads 7.0 - 7.2 (never greenish at all). My drop checker I can get green - will change to blue by morning with Emperors running.

Which one do I believe?
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