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Herbtana Microbe-Lift

Hi everyone,
I'd like to make a small review about the Freshwater Herbtana Ick and several other parasites "healer".
Well, I had an avoidable ick outbreak on my 20g freshwater tank, so, I bought the Herbtana Ick relief for a very high cost (40$) believing that an expensive treatment would work better, the medication is so slow and painful, it takes 5-7 days to have a noticeable change in the symptoms, since the medication has NOT got any Chemical product, it's 100% natural, that caused a lot of doubt for me, at that point I had 2 Neon Tetras and 1 Bala shark infected the other fish were perfectly normal, days go on, and those infected fish get worse and worse but strangely no other fish were infected, so I take those fish out and take them to a QT tank, to continue medication there and in the other tank, FYI I bought a natural treatment, because I can't add any chemicals because every (almost) medication is harmful to crustaceans and guess what, my tank is full of those!
So, in the QT tank things were horribly bad, so I make a 75% water change and start an AP Cure-Ick treatment, since I wouldn't wait any longer, poor guys were almost white, and they are now better.
That means, if anyone buys this Herbtana crap, keep in mind it won't cure your fish, it will only prevent healthy fish getting infected (I believe), that is pretty good, but it will empty your wallet and won't cure, eventually, your fish, so I'm going to use this as a immune lift for fish, Herbtana works very great for THAT only for that. I got my lesson, I will from now on, quarantine any fish or plant.
I hope this helps anyone!
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