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Balanced tank questions

I guess this question could be in a couple different sections, but since this one kind of fits all, here goes.

I'm trying to reach the balance that everyone is looking for in there planted tanks. Here's my setup: 75g, Aquatic Life 2x54w T5HO lighting, Aquatek CO2 with bubble counter and drop checker, and I dose ferts per PPS-Pro from GLA.

I've come to understand that algae is a natural part of a planted tank, but I have had my first sighting of BBA, which is quite unsettling. I checked my water parameters and they are as follows: Ph 7.6ish; Ammonia and Nitrite = 0; Nitrate = 40ppm. I don't have any other water test kits at the moment.

I know most people say that my lights are considered medium to maybe just on the low side of high. My tank is not what some would consider heavily planted, but I'm working on it. With the outbreak of the hair algae, I am slowly raising my CO2 output, and today I did a 50% WC. With the algae in the tank, obviously I have an unbalanced tank, so I need to do something. I'm thinking since the tank is not heavily planted that my first change should be a decrease in ferts to accomidate the lack of plants in the tank - is this wise? Or do you guys think I should up the ferts? I do have three Ottos in the tank now and their bellies stay full - should I get a few more? I also have several Amano shrimp order with my lfs (coming in Friday).

Basically, I'm asking am I taking the right steps, or should I do something else first?

BTW, here's a picture of my not so heavily planted tank. The only difference is I have added about 6 stems of cabomba to the back of the tank that is not pictured. Thanks in advance for any input.

Planted Tank 7_11_13-36 by DoobieNaq, on Flickr
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