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It's an OK start but I think you missed the mark on many things IMO. Here is the best beginners guide to discus by a member here, read it and compare notes:

Some things I do not agree with:

1) Large daily water changes are pretty much the standard to grow out discus to say otherwise is just misleading
2) a 3 ft tank is too small for adult discus (OK for growing out or breeding pairs), minimum tanks size for a group of 5 discus is a 4 ft 55 gallon tank.
3) 86 F is not really needed, I find 82 degrees the perfect temp from growout to adults
4) There is a lot of mumbo jumbo about substrate and what discus you can keep with what substrate, never heard of such things. IMO gravel is a terrible substrate, bare bottom or sand is best for easy clean up
5) Black backgrounds will not show off any discus to their fullest (pigeon or otherwise), except maybe wilds where you want to see their stress bars (like heckels), bright backgrounds are best in general
6) There is no ideal pH, domestic discus can prosper at any pH even up in the 8's, as long as it is stable.
7) There is no need to treat a discus during QT with any meds, just lots of clean water. Your QT process seems like a recipe for dead discus for the beginner that does not know the dangers of KMnO4
8) White poop is not a sign of tapeworms, tapeworms coming out of a discus is a sign of tapeworms. White poop is a sign of flagellates. Also generally discus with tapeworms will eat, discus with flagellates will not eat.
9) Metro does not treat tapeworms, it treats flagellates (and some other parasites), to treat tapeworms you need another wormer like praziquantal and others.
10) It is nearly impossible to identify male or female discus by looking at them (unless you are Discus Hans and he even is wrong sometimes). You find out the sex by watching a pair mate. The one that lays eggs is the female and the one that does the runs over the eggs is the male. Females often pair with females so just because you have a pair laying eggs does not mean you have a male and a female.
11) Ich is rarely seen in discus tanks due to the high temps and numerous water changes. If you experience ich you are doing something terribly wrong

Again I would read over Paul's guide, it is very well written and vetted by some of the best discus keepers around

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