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Ok, all but two of the new fish are out. The flaky gal who WAS going to sell the 55g to me along with the oscar, rd, pike, silver dollars, and pleco - just sold it right out from under me after I had told her that I wanted it (geesh, some people!). So that eliminates several fish and one tank. Plus we've decided just to clone the tanks (I only mentioned the "how do I?" in the original post because I "thought" that we ended up with spikes anyway, but hubby says we didn't - so we'll happily clone the tanks). So those questions/issues are off the table now.

Because I rearranged a couple of tanks last night (the rainbow cichlids were just about to bless me with eggs in the tank that we're taking down to replace with the 90g - so I scrambled to rearrage tank occupants so the happy family now has one of the 29g to themselves). The current occupants and tanks available for "rearranging" are down to (and please keep in mind that I'm still looking for the right cichlids and plecos to breed):
Two 65g, one 90g, one 30g, two 10g, one 5g, and two 2.5g available.
Various types of platies and mollies, Burmese Botia, a bunch of SAEís, 3 or 4 small tetras, Rainbow sharks (2), 6 Rainbowfish, a pair (not yet spawning) of Cryptoheros Sajicas (T-Bar Cichlids), 10 juvie Spinosissimus (sp?) cichlids, a pair of Tuxedo Swordtails, and ghost and cherry shrimp, a Silver Dollar and some kind of blue and black spotted catfish.

These questions remain:
Which tanks are best suited for the breeding of the cichlids (wanting two species if possible)? Which cichlids will get the best return on my investment (other than the ones I already have)? Which species of Plecos will be the best money makers (excluding zebras) and I'm hoping for 2-3 types? Would the 55g with two dividers in it (sponge filters with it?) be the best option for 3 pair of Plecos? I have read that itís best to take out the fry just before the yolk sack is used up and put them in a small grow out tank (2.5g ok?) and do daily water changes. How would you guys suggest rearranging the tanks and the fish that I have as well as the ones I am planning on breeding (yet unknown)?

Thanks for your answers and time!
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