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Originally Posted by KyleSFA View Post
I recently moved my tank (20 long) and did a substrate change. I went from fluorite to the full ADG substrate system. Everything other than the substrate remained the same. The filter is an Eheim Classic 2213 and I have a Hydor in-line heater.

The problem now is my Ph is insanely low. It reads at around 5.3-5.4. I know this cant be good for my fish. Before the change it would stay around 7.0; however with C02 (which is no longer running b/c of the problem) I would keep it around 6.6. The treated water that goes into the tank reads at 6.6 as well.

I lost my color chart to test Kh, but will pick another one up tonight as well as do a 5 gallon water change.

What do I need to do to fix this situation? Is there anything I can do? I just hope the fishies can tolerate it for another day or so while I try to figure this all out.

Any help/advice is GREATLY appreciated. This is incredibly frustrating at the moment.
I need to know your KH in order to really help, but I can honestly tell you that pH that low is not too unusual, and you will find that if you stop your CO2, you will see some algae blooms. If you are stopping CO2 then I suggest you dose excel and lower your photoperiod in this process. My pH is consistently at around 5.9 and many here have it 5.5 etc. It all depends on hardness and CO2. Get a good KH reading and post when you can.
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