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Shave em hairy college kids now. Actually I saw some sheep today and yes, they had been freshly sheared.

Still, ad blocker solves all that bothers ye.

I chose NOT to have ads on my web site, but........I do not make $ off the advertisers and it cost more $ etc to run, but.......then again I get a lot less hassle and work due to no ads, vendor support etc. Each site owner does what they think is best for them work wise and profit wise.

Like spam, tracking your movement and coming up with more ways to get you to click, much smarter than advertising on a billboard or radio etc. Much much larger market. Annoying? Yep, makes lots of $? Yep, in the larger scheme of things.

It's a bit like an Arms Race, same deal with killing weeds.
You develop something to spread spam all over, get paid a lot of $ to do so, even if it's not ethical (it's just business eh?), then they come up with anti spam software (which is sold to the consumer as well(they buy and buy again for this product). Business wins in both cases. Then the spammers get creative and hire Troung in Vietnam to register a new account and post spam on forums for 5 cents for every 10 post he spams. Software forum owners track this info and share ways to prevent these spammers getting into the forums with various methods.

Banning ISP's will never solve this issue, they can use and infect zombie computers and owners who have no idea that they are infected and being used as host, or a college public computer etc. Banning ISP's will not solve this issue, it's much too easy to side step such methods.

Maybe back in the 1990's.

Not today.

I find all this back and forth interesting and have watched it for decades.

While using ad blocker will help, I'm certain, someone will find a way around it at some point. And they someone else will sell you something that stops that.

Sales/business, not politics(just a tool), drives this.

Dan, I've had a few posted moderated here, a few infractions etc due to things viewed at religion or politics. Sometimes just being a tad too passionate in the post about topics or hounding someone for an answer.
Ah, it's their site, they can do what they want. And in many cases, they were correct to spank me for it. We all are human. But, it does seem two faced if you focus on your specific question, that I agree with.
But..........the other posters explained why you see those ads. It's not TPT site/management directly. Letting them know might be able to change some of those types of ads, but I think it's hard to filter and see every one of them.

Two edge sword for them and for folks here.

Likely less effort to add ad blocker

Tom Barr

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