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Originally Posted by blink View Post
Wow... just wow.

If a political ad bothers you so much Dantra, how can you stand to pick up a newspaper or watch tv? Almost every public news media is biased to one side or the other, why should a random advert on the the internet be any different?

Get adblocker, move on with life.
Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
Much less drama with Adblocker

These ads are the new normal. No one would host this site unless they get some profit doing it.
Originally Posted by CL View Post
Good Lord. I read the most recent posts before seeing the and in suspect and figured it would be the kind that understandably gets people worked up (you know, the kind you see on TV? "So-in-so voted to earmark millions of dollars to go towards funding of his private hobby of forcing unwilling puppies to wear his wife's brand of dog clothing. If you support this person you -must- be evil")

All you needed to say was "what exactly is the forum policy on displaying political ads? Or something of that matter.

I agree that political ads just beg to raise controversy, but for an ad to "win lunch with politician X" to cause you this much grief? Get a life.
You guys/sheeple are exactly what government and certain political parties thrive on... the kind of sheeple who walks around with paddles on the sides of their heads or better yet lives with their heads in the sand. You honestly think it doesn't matter. I just feel sorry for you, it must be great going through life with such a lackadaisy attitude.

If you can't answer my question why respond? Do you really think your opinion matters? Crave attention much? Do you feel like one of the 99%/occupy wall-street now? I asked Adam a question that a few others are also interested in but I need to get a life because I decided to ask as opposed to just go along? Who needs to get a life? You guys felt it necessary to respond because I asked about a political ad? Do you feel better now? You got the attention you wanted?

If you don't have an answer to the question but assume everyone should just glaze over it or think like you do, well that just makes you a puzzlewit.

Once again for the people sitting in the back who couldn't understand what my original question was, "Is it okay to talk about politics now which originally was against forum rules or is it do as I say not as I do? Have the rules been revised?

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