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Originally Posted by djbootleg View Post
Whats goin on? I'm goin to start selling aquatic plants next month so I will be setting up a 20 gallon long I have laying around. Want to set it up with dirt bottom with gravel on top with some shop lights and CO2... I've never done dirt so I have a couple questions....

1. When buying bunch plants should I plant the even without roots? Usually I wouldn't, I would anchor them near bottom until try establish roots. But since its dirt will it help form roots?

2. If I do plant them how long until they form roots? Roughly...

3. Should I add fish to the tank? It will be pretty full with plants. If not I would add Aquavitro Sythesis for ammonia etc...

4. Will I need a filter? If no fish...

I grow stems in my high light, CO2 injected 5 gallon with dirt capped with Flourite black sand. It takes about a week or two for the side shoots and top trimmings to produce roots after being planted into the substrate. Once they reach the dirt layer, they take off.

Only add fish if you're going to cycle the tank. With that said, if you want to setup a grow tank, my suggestion to you is to not add fish. Invest in a pressurized CO2 system, add lights, dose EI, and add plenty of circulation. You'll end up with a jungle of plants in no time.

The filter isn't necessary without fish but water circulation is. I'd just run a HOB without any filter media or a few powerheads to keep the water circulating.

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