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Where to start.........

Some plants are doing better than others.

The Watersprite has taken off and really started taking hold. It is really starting to "bush" itself out. I need to figure out the best way to trim this and replant the trimmings. I really like the way that this one looks.

The Rotala Macrandra is not doing well and does not seem to be taking hold. Not sure what to do about this one. I think I just might pull it and replant Watersprite and Purple Cabomba to take its place.

The Purple Cabomba is doing really well and I really like the looks of this plant as well. Its starting to get white tips and looks really nice.

I moved the Narrow Leaf Java Fern in front of the driftwood I had it previously behind. It seems to like this tank position better. I also moved the dwarf lilly out front of the driftwood it was previously behind. It has really started to turn to a nice red color. I like this plant a lot as well.

I also think that I am going to pull the Lilaeopsis Mauritius as it is really messy and just doesn't seem to be taking hold. Plus I am not a big fan of how "whispy" looking this plant is. Not sure what I would put in its place. And suggestions would be good.

The Dwarf Sag is sprouting new plants up through the substrate. So thats a god thing.

On the fish side, I traded my 4 German Rams in to the LFS yesterday. They were just getting too aggressive for what I wanted from the tank. Two of them had paired up and tried to breed. This did not go well, which I wasn't surprised by. When I left for work one morning all the eggs I had found were there. When I came home they were all gone.

Anyways, I replaced the Rams with:
  • 13 x Peral Dannio
  • 6 x Agassiz Cory Cats
  • 5 x Oto's
  • 1 x Bamboo Shrimp

I wasn't sure about the coloring of the Pearl Dannios, however I love all the movement they bring to the tank. They are just such active and schooling fish. Very neat to watch. The Cory's are also a neat fish to watch. They school more than I expected. I was watching them yesterday play leap frog across the tank cleaning up the bottom.

In a couple weeks I would like to add some Blue Jelly Shrimp, some Red Cherry Shrimp, some Pumpkin Shrimp, and some Pink Rams Horn Snails (made the mistake of showing them to my wife and she wants them in there now).

The Controller that I am working on is still a work in progress. But I have all the major pieces of code worked out and am still working on cleaning up the screens and adding some finishing touches.

That's about all for now. I can get updated pictures if any care to see.
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