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pink egg cluster?

just noticed on one piece of driftwood submerged in my tank there is a small cluster of pink circles.. looks almost exactly like the masago roe you get on a sushi roll.

probably 5-6 eggs it looks like.

the only thing in my tank are 3 cardinal tetras, 3 glowlight rasboras, 2 cherry shrimp (one went missing) and a mystery trumpet snail that is super tiny.. smaller then a grain of rice (he hitched a ride on the driftwood from the LFS.. see below)

this particular piece of driftwood I purchased from my LFS in one of their tanks that already had fish and 2 anubias tied to it.

but i studied the wood before i placed it in my tank and the eggs wernt there.

Should i pull up the wood to make sure they are eggs? or just leave it be?

It does seem that the tetras seem to hover around that spot with the eggs quite a bit, and they sleep underneath the wood when lights go out. is this a typical characteristic of protecting their eggs?

Also reading up it seems snails leave their eggs above water line.. ill have to try to snap a photo of them, but they are in the back of the tank

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