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When I was about 8, my dad came home with an 8 gallon Metaframe and some swordtails that his doctor gave him. Oddly, I never even met the man. Times were so different. There was at least 5 different LFS within walking distance and guppy breeder around the corner.
I had to shut down for about 3 years but had stored all the tanks and re-starting was really a snap. That was the only period in 50 years in the hobby that I wasn't with fish of some sort to care for.
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"Why can't my wife see all of this stuff as an investment?"
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A while back my girlfriends parents gave a 55 gallon to her brother they had it and moved and couldint take it so it found its way back to them and I set it up and got fish and put plants in it and now I have 3 tanks and a turtle tank

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And we got a red eye puffer and a 29 gallon for each other this past valentine's day and have been into tanks together ever since

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When I was 3 or 4, my brother set up a 55 gallon goldfish tank that sat out in our, very poorly insulated, porch. That then fueled my obsession with the aquatic world and I have always had a tank of some sort since. From Bettas to reef tanks. You name it, I've had it.
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Bought the kids a 10 gallon tank for (last) Christmas, relied solely on the LFS advise to get started since I figured if the fish didn't die they were trustworthy.

My parents had a tank and a pond when I was younger, didn't really interest me back then, but I remembered them talking about water parameters.
Started researching and seen to many people saying leave the water alone............Challenge accepted!

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Wow, interesting question. As it turns out I was looking for a cheaper hobby than working on cars - did not know what I wanted to do.
Youngest daughter comes home with a snail from school " I want to keep it, PLEASE". Ok, I guess.
Oldest daughter is into Betta fish and tells me I have to do better than just dumping the mystery snail into a 1 gallon glass jar and ignoring it. So, I start learning how to keep it alive. Then she brings home another snail from a friend that can't keep the one she got from school. Now I have 2 snails to keep alive. Well, about a year later, here I am.

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I had a globe tank when I was little that had three Neon Tetras, they lived quite a long time but since I didn't know much about keeping fish they didn't live as long as they could have. Now as a senior in high school I am just now starting an aquarium, this time with proper plants and bioload.
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I started with a 3 gallon Marineland Eclipse tank. I kept 12 white cloud mountain minnows and 4 black neon tetras in it. I faithfully did 50-80% water changes on it every week. I got a 2nd tank, one of those 1.5 tetra cubes. I kept 2 albino cories (that bred somehow), 8 zebra danios. Well,the zebra danios made a break for it down the drain as I was cleaning their tank, just jumped from the counter I had the tank on, straight down the drain. I moved all the fish in the 3 gallon into a 10 gallon. Then added platies. Then discovered the "joy" of overpopulation and Noah's ark syndrome, in having 2 of each kind of fish. Then I finally wised up. All the fish had passed on to the great pond in the sky except for 2 of the black neon tetras. I kept those suckers alive for over 6 years. They lived until I was upgrading their tank from a 20 high to a 29 gallon and forgot to add the water dechlorinator. So, that was a LONG time ago. Not going to say HOW LONG, because it isn't polite to ask a lady her age! I now have....11 tanks. (taking 1 down soon) I keep Shrimp, 2 varieties of endlers, dwarf crays, and 2 bettas. plus a odd number of mystery snails.

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Started in Hawaii in elementary school with the same 3 gallon bowfront eclipse that I have now for (eventually) opae ula.
Back then my dad would take me down to the harbor and we would catch yellow tang and rockfish with shrimp. my defense I was 7.

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I had two aquariums a long, long time ago as an educational venture for my son, who is now a grown man as an indicator of how long ago that was. I did the best I could back then. I am a video artist, so I had purchased 5 blue guppies to create a performance video that focused on memory. My great-grandmother was well-known in some circles for her blue guppies. I have no idea of what kind there were other than pretty and blue. I used be allowed to help her sort them when I was around 5 years old. In January after I made the video I tried to find a committed home for them, which is a tall order out here where I live in the desert. So I decided to keep them for myself. I began to search the internet to learn about how to care for them properly, how to cycle, and all of that. I lost all but one blue guppy, and have since acquired others of completely different types/colors. I saw Takashi Amano's tank styles and fell in love with the idea of creating a planted tank that emulates nature. So even though I only have a 20 gallon for now, I have a beautifully landscaped habitat. I want the best life for my fellahs and their tank mates, so I'm researching all the time. I love to watch them. I feel as if they're an important part of my life now. I'm hooked! I plan to get a larger aquarium as soon as I can make the monetary investment. Graduate school is taking all of my money right now. I'd like to have one that's at least a 125 gallon. I can't wait!
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I had a couple of tanks that had been used for a snake and gecko. They both passed a while back and the tanks were sitting empty for a few years. During this time my wife and I had a couple of kids and they recently reached the age where they started showing interest in fish. We had the tanks so I figured, "Why not?". I had no idea what I was getting into.

I selected one of the tanks and immediately noticed some chunks missing from the silicone. The years of service in a herp environment had taken its toll. So I found some videos on how to reseal a tank and did so. Then I set up the tank with a bunch of fake plants and sunken pirate ships because that is what the kids wanted. We got our fish and I thought I was finished. Then the itch struck.

I started eyeing live plants and fell down the rabbit hole. First a couple of moss balls went in (yes, I know they aren't actual moss). Then a Java fern. Then some actual moss. Then an Amazon sword. The next thing I know I'm replacing the basic gravel with a more plant friendly substrate and dosing Excel. Then came a little more demanding pants and pressurized CO2. Over a few months the aquarium quickly went from "something for the kids" to "Daddy's hobby".

The second tank is still sitting empty. Intentionally trying to ignore it.
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I always used to have goldfish in goldfish bowl when I was young and then when I was 14 I started working at a LFS and that's where I really got into it. 15 years later I'm still in the hobby. My son, who's now 7, just started his first tank...10 gallon planted tank with some neons. I hope that when he's my age he can get his kids into the hobby as well.
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If I were visting this planet from some distant place I would enjoy aquriums most of all. I'm sure of it. It would be the one souvenier I'd keep. My imagination can not come up with anything more beautiful than aquariums.

I remember being completely mesmorized with the aquarium at the dentists office and the soft humming sound of the filter. It was teaming with plants and little fish. I was 3 years old. Next memory was an aquarium paperweight filled with water and plants. I found and still find that aquariums allow me to disengage with reality and find serenity. Early memories of catching minos and cray fish in a bucket.
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A long time ago in a galaxy somewhere south of Malibu and north of the Repubic of Santa Monica...

My parents had a book called Exotic Aquarium Fishes by William T. Innes, 1934. As a child I was facinated by the color plates (drawings) of the "exotic" fish. I think we started out with a 5g tank and guppies. Eventually, we had four aquariums running at one time. One of my favorites was a brackish tank with an archer fish (Toxotes jaculator), a Scat (Scatphagus argus), and a Monodactylus argenteus.

When I was in the first year of high school a neighbor suggested I try a salt water aquarium and offered to show me how. He took me to some tide pools in Malibu and we waded out a little ways. He started turning over rocks, but didn't tell me what he was looking for. BTW, this was legal then. It isn't now.

Suddenly he started chasing something and came up with a small octopus in the palm of his hand. We took it home and I kept it for about three months. Fed it live crabs caught at the beach. When I got tired of that I released it back into the ocean. I managed to get a photo of it about to pounce on a crab. This is the only version I still have. The background was knocked out in Photoshop. Not sure what happened to the negative. It was amazing to watch it tiptoe up to the crab and then pounce on it. All that was left of the crab was little bits of shell being expelled from its exhale tube.

Later in high school cars, sailing, and photography superseded aquariums.

The technology has changed a lot since those days, but yeast-driven CO2 was being done back then. The only tests I recall having were pH test strips and a hydrometer.
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Went to the aquarium with my daughter for the first time and she loved it; so we decided to buy her some fish. Bought a 10 gallon and stocked it with 5 platies and 5 mollies. Even waited the recommend 24 hour s before adding them. A week later all but 4 died and my googling led me here. Having to give up my car hobby for the moment i easily switched to this one. I've only been keeping fish/inverts for about 4 months but i already have a 40b, 20b 2 emersed tubs and working on getting 3 more 10 gallons to start breeding shrimp. My wife allowed me to keep the 40/20 in the living room (mostly because it would be impossible to move) but the rest have been moved into the old laundry room closet aka the shrimp cave.
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