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New tank, new start :)

Hello everyone, been quite a while since I was last on the forum, this was due to starting a new job, moving house and other general commitments.

I use to have a 200 litre/ 40 gal tall tank which was setup as low tech tank, which then lead into using pressurised co2 etc.

when we moved house it was time for a nicer tank so I got a great deal on a aquaone 980t from my LFS

Getting it ready for the inhabitants of the old tank

A few more plants

A full tank shot

Once the two angels were transferred they immediately started laying eggs but I think they were both female as a week later the egg layer had beaten up the other fish and stressed it so much it died to which then the other died shortly after, was a hard hit to the tank as they were the showcase fish in the tank.

I then decided to swap my co2 setup across from the old tank but change it up a little bit so I have got a pub gas bottle, dennerle Evo regulator, bubble counter, solenoid valve and a ceramic diffuser currently set at 2bps

It's been on for around 3 days and have got it settled to where I can trust it whilst I'm out of the house so just waiting on the drop checker to start turning green.

So that's we're I am at the moment the current lists are:


4 angelfish
Assorted numbers of rummy nose, harlequins, zebra danios and dwarf rainbow fish
Golden nugget plec.

The plants I haven't really got a clue what they are but I am going to be doing a rescape soon and adding more plants aswell as upgrading the lighting to t5's soon. The tank has had an algae bloom so still trying to overcome that but I'm on the otherside of it now and things are looking better.

Any comments welcome thanks for looking

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