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Cool First Planted Tank (50gal) - New Pics (56k warning)

Hello! This is my first post, so I'm hoping I've put it in the right section. I have a 50gal tank which has been running for approximately 5 years. About 5 months ago, I moved house and decided to re-do the scaping in my tank (not exactly as fancy as most of the stuff on here, but I only had limited funds and a day to do it). I have always been amateurish about this tank, and would love to get some more of the specifics down.

Current equipment:
- Hagen Fluval 304 canister filter
- Rena air pump
- Heater (can't remember which brand, but it hasn't failed me yet)
- Lighting (stock... not sure which kind/wattage issue I will be shortly fixing!)

Current occupants:
- 10 neon tetra
- 6 glowlight tetra
- 6 serpae tetra
- 6 rummynose tetra
- 4 gold barbs
- 2 adult SAE
- 2 clown plecos
- 3 nerite zebra snails
- Plants: Hygrophila difformis and a few mysteries!

- Put in some sort of background
- Exchange adult SAEs for 1 juvenile (I don't want to separate them, but I only want one)
- Add 6 black neon tetra and 5-10 (haven't decided) amano shrimp
- MORE plants!!! - including jungle vals & java fern, and maybe something to carpet the front area

I am posting for suggestions of plants that are easy-care, do well without CO2, and are likely to be available at my LFS. Also, if anyone could suggest a fert schedule and advise me on lighting, that would be excellent!

Thanks in advance for any replies.

My tank:

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