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Thanks for the compliments!

Originally Posted by Couesfanatic View Post
looks good. I just bought the same light. I'm curious to see what it will do.
I'm guessing that once I put water in it I'll have to raise the light. The top of the hill in the back left corner is 5" from light and the lowest in the front is 7" from the light. At these distances the back corner is probably in the neighbor hood of 60+ par and the front is probably 50ish. Without injecting CO2, I could end up with an algae farm at those light levels, but hard to know if I'm dosing excel.

The light would be very easy to hang since there is a cabinet over that part of my desk. As you know, Finnex has a great PAR chart, so it'll be pretty easy to adjust the light as needed and then watch the plants respond. Raising it 12" above the lowest substrate would probably give me 25-30 par all around. Proper light will be somewhere between the two.

I don't need to get fast growth once it's filled in — since I'm doing DSM it'll already be filled in. I just need enough light to keep it nice and healthy. I have no idea how much PAR that will be. It'll be a fun experiment though. It'd be great to find a balance where excel, some ferts, and the right light level will allow it to sustain a healthy life once it's well rooted and filled in.

All of the HC in the pic (3 pots worth) was only $18 from my LFS, so it'll be a cheap experiment either way.
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