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Smile My New and First High Tech Nano (w/ pics). Would Love Your Opinion!

Hi all,

I wanted to share my nano tank with ya'll and get some constructive opinions of my current tank, vision for future plants, and my stocking choices. Below are the stats and pics.

The aquarium has been up and running for about 3 weeks now.
Tank: 2.6 g cube by Topfin.
Heater: National Geographic 2.5 watt (I think) that is automatically set at 78 degrees F.
Light: AquaTop Type P LED (7.5 Watts with daytime spectrum specifically for plants). I have this on a timer from 3 PM to 10 PM.
Filter: Azoo Mignon 60 filled to the brim with Aqua clear ceramic bio media, coarse mechanical sponge media, medium coarseness sponge media, and then 100 micron felt to finish. (had to literally duct tape the top down tight to keep water from escaping out the top sides and to force it through all the media.
CO2: Have had this running about a week now. 24 Oz paintball tank, using Aquatek Mini Regulator and solenoid, stock bubble counter/ check valve from Aquatek (garbage... siphoned back THROUGH the the check valve/ bubble counter the first night... luckily the top of my CO2 tank and regulator is higher than the aquarium its self so no damage.), and then an ADA Do!Aqua Music Glass 10 D Diffuser. My CO2 is running at 5.85 bubbles per minute. My CO2 indicator stays green so works for me. CO2 is on a timer from 2:45 PM to 9:30 PM.

Tank finally cycled (with the help of API fast start) this week.
As of yesterday:
PH range: mornings (pre-CO2) 7.2 and daily lowpoint is at about 6.6
Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrite: 0 PPM
Nitrate: 40 PPM
GH: 196.9 PPM
KH: 53.7 PPM

Water changes: has been once weekly ~20-30% using Dasani ( decided on this because its not liquid rock from my tap and its not distilled... somewhere in between and consistent). I may cut it back to once every two weeks and just top it off now that it has cycled and stabilized.

Substrate: Flourite Black Sand
Rocks: not sure... I think black granite maybe? Got it from LFS unlabeled.

Current Flora: Narrow Java Fern, a little Java Moss, and some Corkscrew Vals that I am slowly building a back wall with as it propagates.
Future Flora to be added: Foreground - a carpet of Dwarf Baby Tears, Midground - Downoi

Fertilizers: Seachem Flourish Tabs in the substrate as well as a few crushed up and mixed in JUST below the surface where the Dwarf Baby Tears will be. Bottle recommended doses of Flourish, Trace, and Iron twice a week (Saturday and Wednesday). I just got my Seachem Flourish Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphate in the mail from Dr. Foster and Smith's today... not really sure how or when to dose these so input is welcome here.

Current Fauna: Female betta, 2 tiny Albino Corys, 1 Zebra Nerite Snail, 1 Red Cherry Shrimp, 1 Red Rili Shrimp, 1 Black Crystal Shrimp.
Future Fauna Changes: Considering finding the corys a bigger home... in hindsight, I shouldn't have bought them in the first place because they need a bigger footprint and will outgrow this... Also I want to get at least 1 or 2 more of each shrimp species in the tank (hopefully opposite sex) and maybe a few replacement fish for the corys to give my betta some fish companionship... What do you all think of a pair of Scarlet Badis (1 male and 1 female) in this tank with my betta? or maybe some other interesting mid water column fish...

I rotate between sparse daily feedings of freeze dried blood worms, freeze dried daphnia, freeze dried mysis shrimp, 1/2 an Omega One sinking shrimp pellet, or about 1/4 of an Omega One sinking algae disk. I also toss in 3 or 4 tiny sinking pellets of the Hikari Shrimp Cuisine for the shrimp to eat about once a week or so (although I think they do pretty well picking up scraps and eating algae, this is my first time with dwarf shrimp so let me know if I should be feeding more or less often).

And finally the pictures! (On next "reply" below... couldn't figure out how to enter the pics until after I already posted the original post. )

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed it! I will update if this gets interest... PLEASE give any feedback you think of whether it be about equipment, stocking, planting, photo period, ferts... anything. Thanks!

- Matt M.

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Pictures attached...

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There is problems, wr can't view your photos
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Any thoughts anyone?

Originally Posted by fasoole View Post
There is problems, wr can't view your photos
Oh shoot... I was having trouble figuring out how to add them... I attached as PDFs in a second reply on here... can anyone advise me on how to post it directly into my post so that you dont have to download a PDF to view?

Matt Morgan
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Upload them to Imgur and link them in your post
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oh how i love nano tanks! you have a nice layout here i cant tell too much but i would tighten the rocks up a little more so theyre touching and that sharp rock at the front is perfect to fill with java moss all along its side slope. future plants if this was my tank id just do my background with only java fern the mini ones and have that grow out nicely and keep the baby tear carpet idea with the moss rising off that center rock. If i didnt do java fern id do anubias petite those are soooo awesome! if you dont agree i think your tank is fine the way it is and will look even better when you add the carpet having you not change anything really. As far as fish goes i have a betta in my nano and he killed some of my shrimp... hes a beast lol and too pretty to let him go maybe its cause hes a male?. Id get a pygmy cory and cherry shrimp those are my fav scavengers. If you want fish the celestial danios/rasbora are beautiful but are very expensive ive come to find :/ . Oh and last thing you can keep that nano iwugami style if you want just layout your carpet and maybe java moss and thats it! Nice and simple field and you have the right rocks already. Sorry i ramble lol but yea nice setup you have going
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