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New to the nano world, 1 Gallon plan

Hey everyone, I'm new to the miniature tank world, and in fact pretty much new to aquariums in general.

I have had one 10 gallon tank set up for about 2 months with three small goldfish that seem to be doing extremely well, but are being moved into a 55 gallon tank I am still setting up regardless, and I have this 1 gallon tank that started it all that's just so lonely.

I will be getting malaysian trumpet snails, java fern, and java moss, all to start the 55 gallon tank, and I wanted to take a small amount of each for the 1 gallon tank.

It will have the same playsand as my 55 gallon for the substrate, and I planned on possibly covering the back wall of the tank with java moss, planting some java fern around it, and maybe a couple small rocks.

The tank is an Aquaview 1 gallon, and if anyone has had one, it is a triangle, but the back wall is pushed back, so there are two small extra walls about 2 inches wide. I figured I could put a small sponge filter on one of these walls, and a small airstone or bubble stick on the other.

I would ideally like to have this tank house both the malaysian trumpet snails, and a few cherry red shrimp, or possibly glass, but it seemed like cherry reds would be easiest to breed and keep healthy.

I will also be using my fully cycles 10 gallon tank to house shrimp, and possibly some tetras or something else, along with plants once I move the goldfish into the 55 gallon tank, so I figure I will be able to split up the population of shrimp just fine between the two tanks for them, and feeding them to the goldfish in an attempt to have shrimp populating that tank as well.

So I guess getting back to what I'm actually concerned with, will a 1 gallon tank with a 7w incandescent light, a small sponge filter, and a small airstone be able to support java fern and java moss?

I figure if I can maintain the plants, I would be able to support the shrimp and snails, but my biggest concern is the plants not being able to survive in the tank.

Thanks for any help!
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First off, you should change your incandescent bulb for an energy-saver (maybe 7-10 watts) because
-It looks better IMHO
-It's more adapted to the plants' needs.
-the incandescent bulb might heat the tank too much, and it won't provide a great deal of light (small percentage of its watts ratings)
-Incandescent lighting is more costly energy-wise (and incidentally more polluting)
Also you won't need an airstone/airpump, because bubbles will rid the water of the CO2 which plants need. I suppose you already have substrate (btw adding substrate from an established aquarium such as your 10 gallons will help cycle the tank faster. You might also want to add some fast growing or stem plants, to help with algae. Ludwigia and bacopa are two readily-available and cheap stem plants that should do well in your tank. Once cycle you could put shrimp in your tank.
Good luck!
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I can look into a different bulb, but it's the bulb that came with the tank hood, and as it's one of those small sockets for weird bulbs, I don't know that i could find something else to replace it with, but I will see if I can.

I guess I'll skip the pump then, i was just worried about low oxygen with such a small surface area and not even having any agitation to introduce oxygen into it.

I have some play sand in it, and I would like to stick with that, the substrate from my 10g is gravel that I'm really not fond of, but I will put a chunk of it in nylon and put that in the tank to help with the cycling once i have ome plants in it and the snails.

Since the only inhabitants will be the potential shrimp and snails, is it even possible to cycle the tank with just plants? Or are you implying a fishless cycle for the tank?

I suppose once I have the plants and everything is set up, i will grab some of the gravel from my 10g and start cycling it, I would imagine doing a fishless cycle would probably produce more bacteria than I would even need for the small bioload I plan on having in it, and the plants should out compete the bacteria for the ammonia anyway, so theoretically I shouldn't have a problem with it keeping up with the bio-load when I introduce it's inhabitant as far as I would think?
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The other thing to do would be to take and put the sponge for the filter into an established tank to help seed it with the tasty bacteria as well.
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Originally Posted by Noahma View Post
The other thing to do would be to take and put the sponge for the filter into an established tank to help seed it with the tasty bacteria as well.
I didn't even think of that, I could let it run in my 10g for a few weeks before I put anything live in the 1 gallon and it should probably have a decent chunk.

Wouldn't really be any extra effort to just do both the sponge establishing and the gravel in nylon, so I'm sure cycling this litte 1 gallon would probably be pretty easy to accomplish.

All betterness aside, does it really seem as though a 7 wat incandescent bulb would be unable to support the light requirements of java moss and java fern?

Since they are low light, and it is such a small tank, it would seem like it would work, and I like the gentle tone of the light on the sand and rocks, but if it can't sustain plants it's kind of no use in the end.
Would just be nice if I could use it with success.

Also considered, but wasn't sure, of having the tank on a backwards cycle, with the light on during the night, and the tank shadowed during the day.

Both to allow me to watch the snails during the day, and to try and keep a more stable heat without the use of a heater, since when the temperature drops at night, the incandescent light would be on and hopefully keep the temperature from changing too much.
But that was only a thought, and I don't know if I would have done it or not.
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