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Originally Posted by tomfromstlouis View Post
90g is certainly large enough for more than 4 angels. I had 9 in a 75 (this turned out to be too many after several years) and had spawns without the fighting endangering anyone. With plenty of plants offering places to hide and at least a couple of other targets for a pair to harass nobody should get too hurt. Once I understood this the sparring became fascinating and amusing to me. Cichlids are popular for good reason.

If you have any desire to raise a spawning, the tetras become the main enemy to the fry; they are speedy swimmers with better hunting chances.
I agree with you about the tetras. The parents can watch for other angels or a sucker fish but you can watch the tetras pick off the free swimmers one by one. also, the parents stay crazy aggressive as long as they have even one egg or fry left in the tank.

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