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Originally Posted by tharsis View Post
Sweet hardscape, very dramatic! I really like your stand too, it looks fantastic.

Looking forward to see some green in there
thanks! it was ur tank originally that shot the idea for it into my head. not quite the same thing but it got my mind moving!

Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
Love the rocks and the scape. Tanks like I that, I like to see, myself anyways, very little planting. Let those rocks and the hardscape be the tank.
that is my goal for this tank is to keep everything nice and low.

Originally Posted by amphirion View Post
if you were going for dramatic, i think you hit the nail on the head. to preserve the effect, i would suggest using very low growing carpet plants such as HC, UG or lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae in the foreground and depending on your taste, DHG or some tall stemmed plants in the back.
i agree completely, im realy starting to lean towards UG in this tank for the forground. it seems like it flow the bestfor the immediate front. then ether recided back inspace with DHG or Blyxa depeding on a the high difference i want in different places. the more i see it the more i want to add some hydrocotle into the mix of things. even tho i have it everyone one of damn tanks haha!

Originally Posted by yondertank View Post
The hardscape and the stand are top notch. I like the idea of having a single species of a low carpet plant - this tank has a lot of possibilities in what you can do. I would consider doing a moss wall in the background, not putting any tall plants, and having the low carpet plant in the open space of the tallest peak. Then in the back right corner put in a Crinum Calimistratum and its long flowing vines will eventually take over the top space. You would have only 3 plants and you don't hide the hardscape.

Do you have any plans on putting a background on the tank or do you want to keep it so you can see the wall behind it?
thanks the stand didnt take much pretty easy to construct kind of a industrial look to things. agree with the low plants, but never been a fan of moss walls my self, but thats just personal preference. but crinum c. is one of my fav plants but is realy hard to find, at least for me. but im trying to keep the plant selection small like you said.

Originally Posted by niko View Post
I too like the rocks.

But the tallest one should not have the very tip cut off. I don't know if you want or can push it down but it will certainly look better if it is not going out of the "frame".

Since it's obvious that the beauty of the hardscape is in its heaviness it would make sense to plant the tank in such a way that this feeling is enhanced. Also as it is the tank already looks larger than it is. One way to keep these 2 impressions going on is to use small frilly plants mainly in the lower parts of the rocks and keep a lot of the rock surface visible.

This picture leaves you with the impression of a very heavy rock mass:

This picture also gives an idea of the use of small plants/big rock:

And of course - the fish should be small. By the way one VERY cool way to stock such a tank full of rocks is to use a bunch of gobies. They will constantly play and move in, out, and around the rocks seldom wandering to the glass. The whole thing will look like it is full of life centered around the rocks.
These are such great ideas thanks! the largest rock is sadly touching the bottom of the tank. i tried to push it down as far as i could get it but it wouldnt budge anymore i bothers me everytime i see it cut off witch isnt so bad when ur looking at it in person cause u cant really see the tops of some of them any how. but as for the benefit of the scape i want to try to give it a good wiggle again now with rejuvenated strength! the second picture is exactly the type of planting arangment i was thinking, slpoed towards the base of the rocks and kept nice and low but still flowing upward. thats why i love the combo of hydrocotle and DHG together they have flow to them in their hieght difference that transitions nicer then some other ground covers.

the gobby idea is also great. i have a plan for some of the stocking, my lfs just got some very nice blue tetras in. i was thinking a big school of them would contrast nicly with the dark rocks and light sand.

Originally Posted by Michael T View Post
That is awesome. Cannot wait to see it completed & stocked. Excellent idea with the rocks & perfect placement.
thank you, to a lot of time into placing thos rocks! and man are they heavy haha

Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
WOW! Great hardscape! It's fantastic, I really love it!! Those rocks are awesome. But I would agree with the comments above saying that I would adjust the main stone so that the tip isn't cut off. I think you should be able to create a stunning scape in here!!
thanks! totally going to work on that tomorrow if not it will be its big flaw :/

Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
I guess I'm the odd one out, but I think having the tip of the tallest rock extending out of the "frame", adds to the feeling of immense height...I like it that way.
i agree with the imense hieght feeling u get form it protruding out of the tank. its slowly growing on me. but my mentality usually is it should not at all or all the way! something i picked up from my art program i attend at my college. little things like that tend to anoy me haha

everyone else who i didnt get to thank you for the kind words and appreciation! up dates will be in the near future with hopefully a planted tank haha

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