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Scarlet Badis flashing and freaking out

Hey all!

I have a problem with two of my Scarlet Badis flashing and glass surfing all day.

The problems started like this: I have a 12 Gallon walstad heavy planted. It used to have 9 Herlquin rasboras and male and female badis. I took the rasboras out two weeks ago because it's too little space+ my scarlet badis were mating all day and he just terrorized them (he was super rad back then and just acting like he's king of the tank)
After that I changed some plants and seeded the aquarium with sludge worms which they enjoyed. Then I seeded the aquarium with about 100 scuds and some daphnia . That seems to freak him out and just acted scared banging on the glass. The female seems alright tho.
He continued like that and I also seen him flashing sometime. I thought of quarantine him but he was too scared to get caught and my other aquarium would be too small anyway.
The female looks like better, she was hunting and going around but sometimes she'll join him (they acting like a real cupel) and it looks like he freaks her out and she also glass surfing but then go back to normal.
I thought he probably wont make it from stress and she'll be fine but today I seen her flashing too. Also she following him all day now.

I am very worried and don't know what to do and that's all I think about all day.

The tank is cycled: nitrite0 nitrate10 ammonia0 PH7.6-8 GH>21 KH15-20 I upped the temp to 25celsius

she's hunting and tho I thought he's not eating I seen him eat today.
They don't have any white spots/ red gills /droopsy / not going at water surface or anything I can see. Only that they are not colored (he's much paler and she also last days.)
I think he's just scared from the scuds but I don't know what to do. He's either hiding or in the front on the glass and barely go to he's favorite territory. Now they are all day in front of the glass wishing they where out...

I have in the tank a bunch of neocaridina shrimp (they still reproducing so I think water quality is good.) There are a few scarlet badis fry still stuck to the glass. 1 Nerite and many Ramshorn snail and there are the scuds.
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Scarlet Badis flashing and freaking out

Just came across this now. I'm very interested if anyone had any advise for you, or if you discovered the issue and hoping your fish recovered...
I'm having the same issue with flashing and glass surfing and have recently lost two of my 5 males (no females available in Canada...ever!!!) however I had suspected it was to aggression from the biggest/alpha male. As the two next in line were the ones that had passed, and the two weakest ones are left. I really don't know how people keep these Scarlet Badasses in smaller tanks.
My specs;
120g heavily planted high tech tank.
Other inhabitants; 50 pygmy cories, 30 Kubotai Rasboras, 10 oto's, 100 dreamy blue shrimp, 100's of pest snails and 1 mystery snail.
This set up is 11 months old.
Lighting : 2 X Fluval 3.0 48"
Filtration : 2 X Eheim 2217 (which have been running for 10 years previous to this set up and were/are fully cycled)
Tank ran to allow for plant growth for 2 months prior to adding snails and then rasboras first.
Feed; Mix of flake, micro pellets, frozen and many variety of live foods including; Grindle worms, Microworms, Vinegar Eels, springtails (rasboras and Darios have been witnessed eating these), flightless fruit flies (rasboras). ADA soil and sand substraight. Soil seeded with black worms. Also, baby dreamy blue shrimp available for the Dario's as well.

My Badis were rescued from an underfed, bare bottom no plants or hiding spots tank. Found them on our local buy and sell and it was like winning the lottery since i had been looking for years. There were originally 9 of them, after quarantine there were only 5 survivors. I got them in June and just lost two within the last 2 weeks. Devastating and one body was fully intact and could not see any injury or signs of disease. I have pictures. The second was already fully being consumed by the snails and shrimp.
Water parameters; 7.2ph, 22 celcuis temp, 15 GH, 8KH, TDS 350 - 400 after ferts, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia all zero, which concerned me at first but it's a 120 gallon tank with minimal stock. When I do water changes once every two weeks it is at 20% and it's a mix of my hard tap at 8.2ph and RO/DI. Prime is used with each water change. Honestly, I only do water changes to keep the TDS and GH down a bit with the addition of the RO. As the plants take care of the rest.
In Canada we do not have access to Medications. However, I did have a bottle of prozipro, unopened in my stash, and suspected flukes used it 5 days ago. I saw significant improvement for a few days and then saw some flashing again last night from two of them and the third is glass surfing.
Terribly concerned. I have 5 more Badis ready to come out of a 2 month quarantine and to be added to my tank currently at a friends house who is anxious to get them out as she needs her tanks for CARES fish which are breeding.
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