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Finish or sell my ADA setup? I don't know what to do.

Hey folks.

I bought myself an ADA 60-P last Christmas. I dry started some HC shortly after, thinking I'd be able to get it filled sooner rather than later. Didn't happen. It sat until this past summer, when I finally found employment and had stable income. I bought a dual stage regulator, had a custom stand built, and so on - I was hoping to buy a CO2 cylinder when I got suddenly fired for reasons out of my control (long story - I'll explain if anyone wants). So now the tank's been sitting since August going nowhere. I don't know if or when I'll be able to afford a CO2 cylinder - right now it's hard to even pay the rent. My cat needs almost all of his teeth extracted so all of my little spare money will be going into that savings for a while.

So I have a few options.

1. I could leave the tank as is and hope one day soon I can come up with money for a CO2 cylinder. But that's not all I need - I also need a bubble counter and some kind of diffuser. So I don't know how long that would take. It could be another 6 months for all I know. Especially with my cat needing surgery.

2. I could fill the tank without hooking up the CO2. I don't know if my medium LED lights would just cause the algae to go crazy... since the tank has been sitting dry for so long there's a good amount of algae (cyano) going on. Once it was cycled I could move my fish into it (they're sitting in a bb 20g in the dining room) and I could finally get a scape in place and get it growing. But again, algae... maybe I could do DIY CO2... but would it be enough? I could go paintball CO2 for now if it would be significantly cheaper and get me by until I could get a full size cylinder...?

3. Just sell it and move on from the hobby. Sometimes I feel this might be the best option. But I live in a rather small area that's not huge for this hobby and since it is such an expensive setup I may never be able to sell it. I've already poured over 1k into it and considering that's 2 months of rent and groceries... and I still need more. Most of my plants have died since they've been sitting out of water for 6 months and I also need other things for the tank like the CO2 cylinder, diffuser, bubble counter, lily pipes, inline heater, and my LED light bar is still unfinished.

Input please...
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