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Another CO2 reaktor - how bout it?

Im making a Co2 reaktor for my 66 gal, and i want to have a really good diffusion, but no visible reaktor inside the tank. So i tried to combine the venturi-mister and a reaktor 1000:

1. Co2-gas enters the outline hose of the bucketfilter (#EDIT#750/h), just before the inline-pump (#EDIT#800L/h).
2. The gas is lead into the inlinepump and beaten into microbubbles
3. Water and microbubbles is lead into the reator filled with bioballs, thus making lots of turbolence.
4. Excess gas can escape in the top.
5. The excess gas is lead into the inlinepump again.
6. Dissolved gas and water (and microbubbles) are lead into the tank through the spraybar.

What do you think of the complete system?
(BTW - i got everything exept an inline pump, so no real money down)

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Wouldnt you put the Spay bar lower in the tank?
Also have you tried usning a pump on the return line of a canister filter before wont that cause the water flow in the filter to speed up and you filtration to go down.
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The flow through the filter will be much more than through the inline pump, so the excess flow will go through the hose from the inlet to the inline pump to the top of the reactor. In other words that line will be a bypass line handling the excess flow from the filter - no return flow of CO2 bubbles will ever go down that line. Unless it is a very small line, most of the water will go into the top of the reactor and right out to the tank. Only 300 L/h will circulate through the inline pump, the reactor, and out to the tank. So, this needs something different.

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Hoppy -> Of course - One thing i dont want is too much flow trough the spraybar, but the pumps got to have same flow, or the weakest will slow the hole system... So effectively the inline has to be more powerfull.

If i remember correctly, the effective flow of my bucketfilter is 750L/h - then using a more powerfull inline-pump, like say a 800L/h - should fix the problem right? That will give me roughly 1200-1400L/h - effective. That would be fine.

andbigdaddy2 -> Thats just a rough principle, i will place the spraybar or pipe, so that the CO2 is distributed most effective.
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Just get a good diffuser and you won't have excess?

Try A red Seas 500, and if you don't think it is enough, just get a second one... Mine diffuses over 3 bubbles per second 100%, (don't see any bubbles escaping) at 4 bubbles per second I do see it spitting fine particles out (like a glass difuser would do anyways).

There is a DIY reactor that will do the same thing as red seas, that would be much simpler than this system IMO.
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yeah well - but its not an outside reactor, and the only outside rector in sale in Denmark, is the aquamedic reactor 1000 ...

And since my only expence will be the inline pump, theres no reason giving $$ for an expensive reactor like the reactor 1000.
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A PVC pipe and some fittings on each end will solve that cost issue, should not be more than say 10$ USA. About 6-7X cheaper at least.

Your system has too many things linked together.

Use the powerhead on seperate loop from the filter.

Have 2 intakes and oput puts, one for the filter and one for the CO2.

The other cheap water is pklace a diffuser disc, the Rhinox 1000-2000-5000 ADA beetle knock offs are 10-20$ each and you simply place these in the direct downward flow out put from the filter.

This way the mist gets blasted around the tank and well mixed.

Tom Barr

Tom Barr
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Well - im not in the US, and if i told the cost of pvc and fittings, you wouldnt believe me.

Is i said - i got everything but the inline pump, and thats the only thing that will cost me money - about 20$ ( a piece of PVC pipe will cost me - hold on - twice that much!)

But whats wrong with the setup here? -

- as I see it:
The water and CO2 will come into the inline-pump, the CO2 will get blown to microbubbles, and then the water and CO2 bubbles enters the reactor and the turbulence will make much of the CO2 dissolve in the water. Then its lead into the tank.

If there is excess gas, it will get sucked into the inline-pump and dissolved.

Am i completely wrong here?

Why wont it work?

Just bear over with me - we dont have access to hardwarestores in denmark, that sells more that cheap nails and lousy screwdrivers, toilets and cheasy grills! Private people just cant go into a hardwarestore, and get all the accessories for a DIY project, cause all the stuff you need, is not in sale. Thouse things can only be bought by companies, directly from the importer. Remember that Denmark is a small country with only 5.1 mio citizens. Regular stores cant afford to keep a brought selection of hardware.
Thats why I got to work with what i got, and make the best of it. I got a total selection of 4 (FOUR!!!) reactors from every LFS in denmark, including the hagen ladder!, and if i order something from outside EU - i got to pay min. 10% in customs duty and 25% in VAT + shipping.

DIY is not just a choice her - its a necessity for having a proper planted tank!
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If the inline pump pumps more L/hr than the filter produces, and if the flow rates are not too badly affected by the flow resistance, this idea will work. I doubt there ever being a CO2 bubble built up in the reactor tube, because the microbubbles will just be swept out the line to the tank. They don't coalesce easily like bigger bubbles do.

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I can't see the filter and the pump working well together...

The pump (with its higher flow rate) will create low pressure at the outline of your filter, which should not be good for the pump of the filter itself...

Why not connecting the outline of the filter directly into the intake of your reactor (doing this you will save the pump you d'ont have yet) ????
It seems thqt it is the most commonly used set-up...

Or as advised by Tom, use a fully separate loop for your CO2 ?

Lost in the desert...
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There would not be a problem with the filter, when hookin up another pump. The idea with a seperate loop will give me some problems with too many lines going in and out of the tank - the hole idea is to minimize equipment inside the tank.
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Most pumps are designed to push against pressure, they don't like limited water flow from the intake side, it would be worse if the filter clogged up after a while, just as tom and others pointed out, maybe you should ditch the filter all together, just a prefilter inside the tank, that's two more pieces of equipment in the tank, but I think it'll work better and you don't need to worry about the water bypass.
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Anyway im trying it - then we all know for sure if itl work.

Or else i can geta special thing used for oxyginating blood, that i can try for "CO2'ing" my water, no pumps just membranes...
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