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60Gallon Discus Cube

Hey guys, I had a diary thread on my 60 gallon cube tank a while back, and since then have made some major changes. Here's the quick stats:
--It's a 24"X24"X24" cube
--lighting is both 1 each of T5 normal and high output 2 bulb fixtures. So 4 bubls total, but only 2 are high output.
--No CO2, but that may change soon.
--Marineland C-360 Canister filter (swapped the Carbon for Peat granules to lower the PH and soften the water)

Fish list:
--3 Discus (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
--3 Denison barbs
--4 Julii Cori Cats
--1 Red Spotted Gold Severum

Plant List:
--4 various Anubias plants attached to the driftwood
--2 different types of fern attached to driftwood
--2 Amazon Swords
--1 Uroguyensis Sword
--1 Red Rubin Sword
--8 clumps of "tape grass"
--Random mosses strewn about
--3 Glosso patches

I need a school of small schooling fish, and I want to stick to the south american blackwater theme, other than the denison barbs which i know are asian. They're the fish I've had the longest and dont want to get rid of them, but otherwise would like a Amazon theme.

Anyway, here's pics.

First, I picture of what it looked like BEFORE I re-arranged the driftwood and plants today. I didn't like the amount of space the wood took up, and felt like it would eventually restrict the movement of the discus too much once they grow bigger.


And here's what it looks like now:

Some of the moss.

Couple pics of the fish that I could get a decent pic of

Hope you like it! I'm loving my discus, personally. First time i've had the guts to try some.
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