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Thanks so much Jart and Buck. You guys just made my day. Lets see... I have asian ambulia (Limnophila aquatica) in the back right, and it has just about smothered two starts of wisteria (hygrophila difformis) which are still down there hanging on. That surprised me, but ambulia seems really invasive.

I bought some egeria, sunset hygro, and wisteria to control algae when I re-launched. A month later I yanked out the egeria, but still find some every once in awhile.

Infront of the ambulia is Rotalla indica on the right and then Sunset hygro which is also on the far left. Center-ish is the Java which is constrained a bit by a large piece of bogwood. The bog wood may be hard to see in the pictulated image. There is also some non-visible Anubias var. 'nana' left of the Java. Behind the Red tiger lotus (Nymphaea lotus var. rubra) is some Alternanthera reineckii and some (non visible) struggling red ludwegia. I can't seem to grow ludwegia in my water yet. I may be PO4 deficient?? Infront of the java is a little bit of Pearlgrass (hemianthus micranthemoides...aka Baby tears).

I also keep a little water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes). But I have to yank it out often. I give it and cuttings to the owner of a LCFS (C stands for Cichlid) who sold me six Rainbowfish for $25 and gave me a great deal on the 90 gallon. For Washington state guys its Conway Tropical Fish. He keeps healthy fish. I think he feeds his Cichlids with my cuttings. Thanks again. bob

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