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slow growth

By God's grace and His grace alone my tank is finally algae-free, other than some little flecks of green on leaves here and there.
But my question...
I believe that I was WAY overdosing ferts and that that was causing many of my probs. The more I reduced things, the better things got. Slowly but surely. Very slowly. When I've tried to increase ferts, algae got worse.

Phosphates are at around 1, Nitrates 5. Iron is present. Co2 is where it belongs (pH monitor shows 6.6 and KH is around 5˝ or so; anyway it comes out to a Co2 of around 37, blah blah)
In the last couple months I've increased lighting to 3.4wpg.
I dose Potassium, Nitrates and CSM+B.

Well, plants seem to be growing quite slowly and the leaves of the Aponogeton ulvaceus are looking thin in consistency. No pearling. What are some major causes?
I am not adding Phosphates, Magnesium or Iron. Would Magnesium make any diff?

I am TERRIFIED to increase the amounts of ferts I'm using now. I hope I never ever have to relive the algae nightmares I've lived.
I dunno, maybe I've answered my own question. Maybe I do need to increase the CSM+B. You just get so dang paranoid. What about the Mg?

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