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First off a big THANK YOU for so many informative responses! Also thabk you to jimmydrsv for telling me about this forum. I am very impressed and will be making thi smy new home.

Now, my responses:

MoMoTaro: Yes, you can use this Q&A for your FAQ.

Hypancistrus: Will I increase the DO in my tank by underfilling my tank by several inches so that there is a physical drop from my output water hose to the tank water? My output hose runs to the top of my tank and sits vertically across so that the water falls with a waterfall effect to the tank. I notice many more air bubbles when I run it this way instead of running it vertically or covered with water so that there is no drop. Good idea, bad idea? Forgive me but I can't imagine using tap water to clean the cannister, mech, or filters is a good idea. What about the effects of chlorine? Isn't that why it is important to de-chlor a tank BEFORE adding tap water after a change? I have just recently learned to shut OFF my filter while I am doing a water change. Previously I would leave it on but someone said even though I drop in dechlor before the tap water, there is a chance that the new tap might get into the filter before the dechlor has a chance to work. I have always used clean tank water to clean the filter and mech so far.

Anona: Not sure I understand your backflush suggestion? Are you suggesting I remove the output hose from the tank, place in a 5 gallon bucket and turn filter back on to force water into the bucket instead of the tank? I am not sure I understand? I do this already to fill up two 5 gallon buckets and then use that water to clean my cannister, filters, and media.

Thank you all for the tip on the white crud on the o-rings. I will clean them with a q-tip.

I will have to

Additional Questions:

How often does everyone clean their cannisters?

How do you properly clean the hoses? Do they make a brush THAT long? My hoses are like 4 feet long! Doe sit pay to buy a second set of hoses so one set is always clean?

I am having a difficult time judging the tempature of the water comign out of my bathroom faucet as it travels into my 50 foot python and then into my tank. I have an electronic themometer on my tank but I constantly have to run from the tank to the bathroom to adjust the water temp as it goes up or down. Do they make a special fitting that goes between the faucet and python connector to show temp of water? Anyone else have this problem?

Should Bio-Media be disturbed/cleaned in filter tank water?

Thank You all again for your responses. I will now go read the FAQ on EHEIM cannisters which I did not know existed until now.

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