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Calling EHEIM canister filter users! Questions.

Hi all. I own a Eheim Pro 2026 and have a few questions:

1) Between the trays there are two black o-ring that help seal the first tray to the second. After 9 months of use, my O-Rings have white crud on the o-ring to the point that is is no longer black. Was this white stuff the lubricant that initally came on the o-rings or is it not meant to be there? Should I strip it clean until o-ring is black and apply the small tube of lubricant that came with cannister? Can I use vasoline? Should the O-ring be black or white?

2) How long can the media survive "outside" of water? I have cleaned my cannister 3x in 9 months. I am afraid that when I remove the layers of media and place them outside the cannister for extended periods of time (1 hr to 2 hrs) the good bacteria may die. Is this true? Should I remove them and keep them in cleaned tank water in a 5 gallon bucket until ready for replacement in my cannister again?

3) After I replace all the layers of media and filters, I am having a problem aligning the top most tray tube with the hole in top lid of the cannister. The holes line up so I can see clear to the bottom but it looks as if the top most tube is not long enough to seat properly in the lid. It isn't a problem of alignment so much as a problem of the tube not looking like it is long enough to extend into the hole in the top lid. Pads and trays are placed in the correct order.

4) How do I "prep" a new (white) fine filter pad before replacing the one I have. I know enough NOT to simply replace it with a new pad as there will be a nitrite spike. Can I leave the new pad in a bucket of tank water for 2 weeks before I place in the cannister? How can I prep the pad to be ready for replacing?

I know not to use tap water to clean anything and I always add start right BEFORE I add tap water for refilling tank. I fill 2 5 gallon buckets with output water from my filter and use this to swish off debris from my filters and also clean the inside of the cannister with.

I appreciate any help from Eheim users and am sure this will benefit many others.

Thank you in advance!!

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