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Using RO water -- please help?

I ask this before but didn't get any responses. Perhaps this is the wrong forum? I'm not sure which forum it should go in.

I use well water for my 30 gal low tech planted tank. It's hard water. I have some easy plants that grow ok--anubias and moss. But I also have some M. minuta and L. mauritana and dwarf sag that don't seem to grow at all. I've had them for a long time now and they should be growing. I have enough light according to experts here. And I use ferts and excel flourish. My tank is just not thriving with the except of the anubias and the moss. But the whole rest of the tank looks like a grave yard.

The other problem is I had 13 glass cats and they all slowly kicked the bucket one by one despite my water parameters seeming ok. I have 2 gouramis that are fine and 3 ottos and 7 amano shrimp and all are doing fine. So it was just the glass cats.

So I'm thinking it might be time to start using RO water to see if makes any difference. Questions:

1)For those who use RO water, do you buy it or did you buy an RO system to make your own?

2)Is it worth it to buy a system?

3)If you didn't buy a system then what's the best method for storing the water and filling your tank when you do a water change?

4)How should one go about balancing the RO water with the right

5)Maybe a stupid question by why do people suggest RO water instead of distilled water?
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