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Help a newbie set up a tank.

My stepfather has a 72g bowfront thats fell out of use (lost interest in maintenance after 10 years I guess) so the last of our angels finally died over the years. I'm interested in "taking over", and by that I mean spending lots of money I don't even have! Hah.

Anyways, I'm very very clueless about the technical aspects of things (like equipment) and could use some help. Dont know the first thing about sumps, filters, pipes, whatever.
Thing definitely needs to be CLEANED. The glass is nasty, I think its all moldy on the top. Theres no taking it outside to be hosed down, and I don't want to use bleach, could I just wipe down with water (maybe vinegar?) and things need fixing up. I would really prefer not buying NEW things due to money constraints but I realize some things need replacements. I want it to be planted of course, and do low-medium plants (no high lighting, no CO2).

So should I start...

Tank shot, the angels never got a wc, only topped off occasionally, ammonia levels couldnt even be measured using tests

Eheim 2217

Rubber lining is falling off of this.. how do I get a replacement or fix it?

Is that hood usable for lighting? Its got only one tube in there, which I can replace but I get the feeling that it won't be enough. Definitely replacing the gravel, not sure what I need. Thought a layer of eco-complete on the bottom topped with either sand or finer gravel. How many lbs would I need?
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