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need a little help

I rescaped my son's 7.5g cube ( actually holds about 6 gallons of water ) and got rid of all the guppy/endler half breeds that were in there. Now I need to pick something to stock it with. I know we all grow tired of the topics of people wanting stocking help with their tanks. I know it normally comes down to personal preference---however, in this tank's case its a little different. I have a few very specific conditions to deal with that will narrow my choices. I would appreciate any insight in this matter.

i : its a small tank with low water volume--approx 6 gallons plus whatever is in the filter case and hoses.

ii : its a rimless tank with no lid

iii : pH 6.5, temp 72-85 is possible ( 200 watt inline heater ) , gH and kH very low.

iv : I will feed quality prepackaged foods but I will not raise food for the critters in this tank or any other tank.

v : The flow is pretty high--Fluval 104. It is adjustable though.

vi : It now has pressurized CO2

vii : It is in a semi high traffic area--did I mention no lid?

I almost think that shrimp and snails are the only critters I can put in this tank, but my son wants fish in it and its 'his' tank. So, if I can find a decent fish to put in there I would like to do that.

Fish that Ive thought of and reasons I dont think they will work ;

Betta ; too much flow
Badis ; too picky with food
Endlers ; I wouldnt mind putting 4 or 5 high end Endlers in this tank but I dont have a local supplier. This goes for other nano fish as well. I may just have to wait until it cools off a bit and get some shipped to me. Its hard to get critters shipped to this area though, we have two seasons-Summer and Winter.

If I do go with shrimp, I dont want CRS or RCS--I have a tank of those already--maybe some 'Snowball' shrimp or something similar that will be hardy like the cherries. How difficult are OEBT as compared to CRS? I have some breeding going on with the CRS--maybe I can try some more difficult shrimp.

If youve made it this far--thanks for reading and thanks for any input.
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