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Thanks for the kind words!

With the 10g Its going to be pretty simple...easy plants not much lighting...just going to keep it easy as possible to maintain. After all im supposed to be there to work not play with a tank...or so they tell me. lol
As for fish Ive decided that the only fish that wont be going into the new 20g are the Neons. everyone else will be moved to the 20g
Ive had the neons for so long I kinda want a change in the tank so the they will live in the 10g at work with some shrimp. and ill probably be getting a school of rummnynose tetras for the new 20g tank to add to the exsisting list of fish.

Although I saw a thread today and really loved the way the tank I might try my own little version of this kind of aquascaping. Here is the link to that thread.

Ohh and dont worry about the rambling..I do it all the time. but you might want to rethink about pulling the co2 off the tank..the levels will quickly drop and plant growth will not be as good. What is your current ph at? Maybe you could keep the co2 and look into other ways of raising ph...slowly i might add
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