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GraFFix's 10 Gallon

I've been a member at PT for around a month. In that time I have learned many things, been amazed by many of the images posted by other members, and inspired to create my little masterpiece.

I currently have only a 10g tank due to space restraints...but I am happy to say that I will be upgrading to a 20g in a week or so. My 10g will be broken down and brought to work to make space for the new 20g. Most of these plants will be transplanted into the 20g as well as the fish. This is why I thought i would share the tank the way it is now before it is all gone. And of course I will post pics of my new setup as soon as its up and running.

First the Current setup:

10 Gallon
Medium sized gravel
AC70 (modded to slow flow)
45w misc fluorescent
DIY Co2 system with hagen ladder
Due to the fish load I do a 4g WC once a week to keep nitrates in check.


8 small Neons
2 Zebra Danios
1 Bristle Nose Pleco
1 tiny Clown Loach
7 Amano Shrimp
8 Cherry Shrimp
1 Clam
3 Ottos


Java Moss
Red Lugwiga
Rotala Indica
Amazon Sword
1 Algae Ball (2")
Mondo grass
Watermellon sword
Mondo grass

Water Parameters:

Temp - 78
Ph - 7
Nitrate - 10ppm
Nitrite - 0ppm
Ammonia - 0ppm
Co2 - 18ppm
Phosphate - 4ppm
Dosing Flourish only

And now for the pics. Sorry in advance for the quality their not the best.

A few from the front of the tank...

The view from the best invention ever....The Lazyboy chair! (side view)

One of the many cherries...

Can you find the Amano?

Working as usual...

And just because im excited to get the new 20g up and running i thought id run down what im upgrading to.

20g AGA back glass painted black, 65w PC lighting, Eheim 2213, 100w Visi-Therm stealth heater, 40lbs eco-complete topped with TMS.

Its killing me because i have most of the stuff sitting here waiting for the 2213 to come in. Should be anyday now. Then my plan is to setup the 2213 on the 10g for a week or so to start some biological filtration going, then break down the 10g. save some mulm from the UGF lay that under the eco-complete to seed the new tank. Pack it with plants and start the fun! Hopefully this will keep the tank cycle to a minimum.

Thanks for looking!
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