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02RedZ28 Marineland 45g Planted Cube

Hey folks,

My name is Patrick and I'm new to this forum, but not to the hobby. I've been keeping freshwater fish since '95 and reefs since 1999. I've kept everything from Tetras to African Cichlids in fresh and fish only with live rock systems to full blown SPS reef aquariums. I've also dabbled in the breeding of Malawian and Tanganyikan cichlids representing 35 species successfully spawned and reared to saleable size.

Most recently, I've been out of the hobby all together since I started medical school in 2009. Now that I'm starting my clinicals, I've got the time to take care of a modestly complex freshwater system. No time for reefs yet.

These were my reefs I took down in summer 2009.

45 gallon SPS Reef

75 gallon SPS Reef

This will be my 5th planted tank in my days of hobby keeping. I've mostly kept anubias, cryptocornis, jungle val, and other relatively easy species.

I've just recently finished picking up most of the materials I'll need for this project and plan to begin assembly by the end of the month.


45 gallon Marineland Cube 24x24x24
JBJ 2 x 55W PC 10K & Full Actinic bulbs
-(Temporary until I figure out if I want to use the canopy with 4 x T5HO & 250 DE halide from my former 45 gallon cube reef or just buy a new T5 system.)
-I used this on my 20 gallon planted reef I had a few years ago and it worked great... however, it seems that 55w PC bulbs have gone dodo on me.
Tetra Whisper 5 Power Filter
Seio 820
-not sure if I'll need this, but I'm gonna have alot of wood in there, so it's on hand. Its good to have heaps of aquarium hardware in storage.
250 watt Ebo-Jager Heater
10lb CO2 system with regulator and solenoid bubble counter with Milwaukee pH controller.
-This is from my calcium reactor off my reef.
- I picked up a ceramic diffuser but I'm still not sure what the best method is for this given the capacity of this system.
5 bags dark Seachem Flourite gravel
-Lookin to have 1.5 to 2 inches all around with a 3" slope in one corner.
Bog wood and branch wood (plan is to have a root scape with small fish)

The only thing I can tell you about my critter and plant list is that it will include all low maintinence and durable specimens.

Fish will include rainbows, tetras, corys ect...

I'll leave it up to you all to help me pick out plants that are durable and low maintinence. I'm not very familiar with the diversity of plants that are out there, but I've seen some awesome stuff on here.

I'll get some pics up once I get rolling.
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