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wow! lots of info, thanks. I'm not sure if I'm going for the full "Amano" treatment with this tank. It's a tank I had already set up (houses 1 sun sal. betta, some ember tetras and a never seen woodcat.) I'm not sure I have the time/inclination to do pruning and maintenance on such a high light/fast growth tank, but I'd love to try.

The hellolights link was great though. I didn't know that about the e. tennellus (the clear running water bit.) In my big tank I'm having an ongoing issue with algae on this plant only. I will try a stronger current, and more water change to see if the problem goes away.

The little tank has amazingly little issue with algae, in spite of the direct sunlight. It's well balanced, so I think that helps. I just would like a little faster growth. At the rate it's growing right now, it will be at least six months before the growth is mature. I suspect a little more light would do it.

High tech tanks fascinate me in theory, but it's a tremendous amount of maintenance, compared to what I'm trying to do. That being said, your post was the clearest I've seen on high-tech heavily planted nano tanks. Thank you, there's a lot that I can use in my "less" high-tech application.

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