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Originally Posted by Caton View Post
It is bound to look good! Why not de-rim the tank? Seems easy enough with a 10g tank, I mean, just spend $5 for a few razors and you got yourself a rimmless. But whatever you want, its your tank...
I'll get a picture of the bag of fluval stratum and the main peice of wood to tide you over til tomorrow when I pick up my tank at work :P

probably not gonna de-rim the tank cuz I'm impatient and the last time I did it I ended up trying to pry off a halfway siliconed rim and splitting my tank down the back into several large peices

Where in Washington do you live? I'm just getting into CRS myself and set up a 10 gallon super low maintenance tank with a single T-8 15 watt bulb. No CO2 and no ferts. It's mostly java moss, java ferns 'Philiphine', some stems, red root floaters and anubias nana petite. If you have a large army of CRS, they will absolutely pick that 10 gallon tank clean in no time! This has been one of the most enjoyable tanks that I've had.
I'm in the Seatac-ish area... I love the CRS way more than my rcs or sulawesis cuz they're crazy active, tons more fun to watch lol

And here's a photo for ya Caton!
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