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Caton's 20g high-ish tech tank. *TERRIBLE SUPRISE! NOOOO!*

Hello! I am starting this journal, even though there have been different fish through out the year. The tank has been set-up since around last year. I might change out the filter...but I don't want to spend that much money on the tank unless I have to. I plan on getting pressurized co2 and this tank would be my "test" tank that holds my plants until I have space for them, trimmings, even testing out the light I want to get for my 75g. Until yesterday, the fish in the tank were 5 Lamprologus brevis, but I brought them to the LFS and got 7 (was eight, one died within thirty minutes of being bagged up, but the rest survived the 4 hour car drive) cardinal tetra, and two apistogramma cacatuoides "double flame" (pair). Here is the run-down of the stocking, planning flora, and equipment.

  • Pair Apistogramma cacatuoides "double red"
  • 7 cardinal tetra
  • 6 sterbai cories (went with kuhli loaches instead)
  • 6 Khuli loaches* (I guess they don't eat snails...I am having a hard time finding a bottom dweller)
  • 6 Chain Loaches (Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki)
  • Couple of Otocinclus, maybe 4 or 5*

*Fish that have yet to be purchased

Flora (planned):
  • Mexican Oak Leaf (Shinnersia rivularis)
  • Blyxa Japicona
  • Hygro Polysperma (a leaf fell off when I took it all out, it rooted and is
  • now two plants, hardy plants)
  • Hygrophila sp. 'tiger'
  • Ricca fluitans (maybe...I might use it because I already have some and love it...but it might not go with the scape)
  • Glosso or HC...maybe DHG "belem"
  • Cabomba furcata
  • Alternanthera reineckii
  • Rotala sp. 'Singapore'
  • Polygonum sp. 'Sao Paolo'
  • Vallisneria spiralis (Might go into a different tank)
  • Aaaand whatever else catches my eye. I need at least one tank that is my collectoris tank.

  • "Foster & Smith Aquatics Bio System Power Filter & Oxy Surface Skimmer" rated to 55g, I am not using the skimmer.
  • Current USA T5HO 2x bulb (48w total)
  • In time, I will get pressurized CO2, but that is EXPENSIVE! I mean like $200 for a system.
  • I got some driftwood coming that I traded for some RCS.
  • Aquaeon 100w heater

I think I might get a sun sun filter as my first canister, but I don't want to spend money to buy it :P I am uber poor and this is more of a "make a mistake here than in the real thing" kind of tank so I can have my 75g go up without a hitch. I might also switch of the tank itself because the silicone on the inside seems a little old. I am also using 80% r/o water.


FTS with my sad little water sprites. I am ordering the light on monday.

Mrs. Flame (That isn't as classy as I would have named them, but my Mom insist's...)

Mr. Flame


Mr. Flame wanting to know if he has some spinach or some left-over food in his mouth

"The streakers" (Again, my Mom named them.)

Mr. and Mrs. with the streakers

Those pictures were after an hour of taking pictures...I need a better camera...

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