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VaultBoy's 50G Corner Tank

Hi everyone this is my 50g corner tank i bought of ebay for a steal.

Given that this project has been completed on a very tight budget I had to be creative and get my DIY skills out. The only thing i have purchased for this tank setup so far is the gravel, the tank, the return pump for the sump and the parts for the DIY trickle filter.

The stand is built from 90mm * 50mm (close to what americans call 2 * 4) Timber studs, braced around the back with ply.

Stocked with 1 Synodontis Eupterus, 2 Siamese algae eaters, 2 Leopard Corys(i have to get more of these they are soo cool) and a school of about 14 neon tetras. I have Endlers guppys and red cherry shrimp which I want to introduce once their numbers increase in their respective breeding tanks.

Planted with an anubias? on the RHS an amazon sword? on the LHS, Baby tears, a Banana lily, Hair grass and a scattering of java moss.

I used MTS as a substrate with a capping of 2mm black gravel, DIY Co2 with 2 * 1.5L bottles running through the venturi on my Fluval 3plus in tank filter, and into my diffusor made from a gravel vacuum which is ugly but giving me almost 100% dissolution rate.

The sump is fed by a DIY constant siphon over flow made from 20mm PVC pipe and fittings which has had no trouble coping with the 200GPH return pump from the sump and is surprisingly quiet. The trickle filter is a bucket full of body scrubbers, because i cant find the pot scrubbing variety anywhere over here, and the drip tray is packed with filter floss for mechanical filtration.

Lighting is supplied by a twin 18w T8 fluro, but i plan on integrating 3 more compact fluros into the hood when it is built. Under the cabinet i have an 18w compact fulro above the sump, I am growing duckweed and a couple of stems in the sump just for extra nitrate removal and cover for the Endlers fry that i am growing out in there.

Let me know what you think along with any suggestions for progressing this tank.

Thanks for checking it out, Jack
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