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aqua-freak's fluval edge

so, im new to this forum but have been silently lurking for some time
finally got around to registering. i am also registered on nano-reef and my 3 reef tanks always get all the attention. i figured it was time to give my freshwater planted nano the recognition it deserves as well

so my tank and specs:
it is a 6 gallon fluval edge with mr11 led upgrade, done today actually
i have had the tank running for a while and finally ordered and recieved the leds. love them too. what a difference. anyway, its a simple setup, no co2... yet have some anubias, java moss covering some driftwood, and amazon sword plant. my stock (currently) consists of:
5x harlequin rasboras
1x zebra nerite
1x ghost shrimp
3x red cherry shrimp
my maintinance schedule is 25% water changes weekly

so now that the introduction is over, i have pictures enjoy
feedback is always welcome

here is the led swap pics:
the stock halogens

the new leds

and the rest of the pics (some of the pics have the amazon sword plant in the rear left corner and some do not, i added the amazon sword plant today from a planted fish bowl)

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