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120g Discus tank with weeds

So after looking at my lonely empty tank sitting in the living room for a month, I finally got my diy stand finished enough so I could put some water in the tank and get things rolling. Still need to do some of the aesthetics on the stand plan on putting a crushed coral trim on each "step", and in the process of making a waterfall staircase down the front of the "pyramid". Not sure if continuing the sand up the faces of the steps will look better than a coral trim or not. What do U guys think?

The tank itself I am wanting to stay fairly low tech as far as plant keeping goes. Intending tank to house somewhere around 7 wild discus, a couple German Blue rams, a decent sized shoal of Rummies maybe a dozen, and a few Cardinals in the mix. A clean up crew consisting of 5 or so ABN plecos, and a couple Nerite snails. I would really like to put in a couple flower shrimp as well. Any thoughts, suggestions on my stocking choices would be greatly appreciated

Right now I'm running an Eheim 2075, and an Aquaclear 110. Ebo Jager 250w, and an older Ac70 heater . Two, two bulb 48" T-5NO 6700k-one of the four being a colormax bulb.

Anubias Frazeri
Red tiger lotus
Some other red lotus grew out of a brown nut looking thing..not sure what
Madd Mangroves
Water lettuce Pistia stratiotes

Fauna for the tyme being)
3x Colomesus asellus-South American Puffers
2M,3F Threadfin Rainbows
5 ABN plecos
4 Wild Rio Manacapura Heraldi
Various guppies and fry

Anyways, enough yammering-on with the pics. Apologies for the poor quality cell phone pics.

So just pool filter sand for now. I use Laguna pond fert sticks, and Jobes fert sticks. Will be getting some darker slate stone to stack in a cave like structure- in an attempt to give the tank a little more depth. A long ways to go before I'll be completely satisfied-probably just finish the look I am desiring, in tyme to start another rescape!
Thanks for looking!
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