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Mr Aqua 22 Long

Hello all,

I've been getting my new tank going for a few weeks now with more of a focus on planting than my first (a whopping 3 months ago, basic 10 gallon, java moss/fern, guppy grass, Cajun crays, nerite snails). Figured I'd post to share and get any ideas and mis-steps pointed out as I'm sure there will be some. Definitely finding a few things that I could have caught with a little more research already.

From the ground up:
Aquarium stand is a shoe cabinet that I found on Wayfair that fits the aquarium very well, is heavy duty, and keeps the girlfriend happy. Looks good in the entry way too.

I used 40lbs of CaribSand Eco Complete for substrate. I gathered a few chunks of drift wood from Lake Superior (soaked for a week with multiple water changes, then boiled) and some rocks from the same (boiled them too just in case). I'm running 2-4" sponge filters on this seeing I want to get shrimp once its cycles. From there I tinkered a little with layout and filled it up.

Now for the plants. I went with a 36" Finnex planeted+ because I didn't want to be buying a new fixture in a few months and figured go for the higher end. I've been gathering plants from my local places a few ROAKs (thanks for the gifting). So far I have:
Scarlet Temple
Dwarf Hair Grass
Amazon Sword (not sure? Petco culture)
Petco bulb pack, so far Aponogeton and Waterlily have come up, waiting on the Onion
Java Fern
Cabomba (not sure?)
Dwarf Sag
Creeping Jenny
Juncus repens
Ludwigia Repens
Java and Xmas Moss on the way for under the drift wood
Few more on the way but they might go into my other aquarium

I want to find something to grow up from behind the rock pile and ideally grown out of the water, just not sure what.

So far all has been well other than an algae battle. Dosing every other day with Flourish Excel and I've been trying the keep the light down 6 hours as well as move it around. Might have went over board with the light. Will snails be able to keep up once I get them in there? Debating over having MTS, I want more Nerites but don't want the eggs all over. I'll take suggestions?
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I like we're it is headed but I do some changes I would make. First is the round rocks. They seem out of place with the rest of your rocks being sharp jagged rocks. Remove them or change them to smaller jagged rocks.second would be about the algae. Get a lot more plants in to help sick up all the available nutrients. That is probably part of your algae problem. The other part is probably the lighting. I don't really know the par rating for that light and if you can find a par chart for it please do. It will help you to figure out if your light is to strong. Third is about your background plants. Creeping jenny, ludwigia and juncus repens would be good choices since you already have them and all of them will grow to the top of the water. Not sure if any will continue to grow out of the water or not.not sure if that's cabomba or a myriad of some sort as you see they are great for the background also.your snails will do just fine in that tank. You will have hundreds of them though if you can't get the algae under control and most people don't like seeing snails everywhere. I personally love them and don't mind seeing a lot of did forget to post your water parameters. Do you test these? If not go buy and api master test kit and test the water regularly until your readings are correct for the fish or shrimp your going to put in and until you get repeated readings showing the tank is stable. Good luck with the tank.

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I agree on the two round rocks. I actually added the one on the left to balance the right one which the lady wanted in the tank. They've grown on me so I'll keep them for now.

I just looked up the par value today and they are pretty high, 95 on center and 32.5 6" off center. Hopefully as the plants beef up it'll go down. Thinking about adding some floaters. The creeping jenny is awesome looking, that would be great if it worked in the back. I have some dwarf sag coming too that I was thinking for back there.

I've been testing the water. PH is around 6.8 if I remember right. The ammonia is clearing in 12 hours, just waiting on the nitrite...which is very high. Hoping in the next week or so.
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Is that 95 at the height you have it? That is really high for light. It will go down as plants shade certain areas (below the shade will have a lower par) but that still leaves the shading plants getting 95 par or higher. If you keep the light like it is then you will need co2 and added ferts. Floaters are a good option. They will add to the tank and help with the algae issue by reducing light and sucking up nutrients. Only bad thing is most of them will grow quickly and will cover your tank in just a week or 2. Nothing that removing some won't fix though. Creeping jenny is going to grow really really fast, thick, and tall. It may even creep out of your tank and down the sides so make sure to keep it trimmed back. I think your shrimp will love it. I wouldn't put the sag in back if it is true dwarf sag. Use it for a foreground or middie ground plant. It isn't going to grow to tall and will get covered by surrounding plants. I think max height of true dwarf sag is 6"? If it's not true then it grow alot taller then that.with parameters don't forget to test kh,gh, and nitrates.

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I see one table that puts the par at 90 and I found someone else mention 70. That's at 12". Either way I went overboard with the light. We'll see how it goes. The creeping jenny sounds cool, hopefully it grows great. I need to get the kh/gh test.
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Wanted to share an update. Killed the adding CO2. Ran a dimmer for a while but wanted the nice reds to come back not to mention the growth.

Got a few new plants. Everything is doing good other than the sag but now that it's been on co2 for a while it's getting better. Too late for a few bodes though. Should be able to see it in the pictures. Monte Carlo for a carpet. Can't wait till it spreads!

About 25 yellow be is with gold backs that are awesome. Pond and ram snails all over but in no way a bad thing. Some MTS but don't see them much. One mystery snail that is a monster compared to the rest

Now to resist buying tiger shrimp to go with them. The orange eyed black are awesome looking.
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