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2-10gallons (lots of updates)56K!

This is my first time posting, so here's a little bit about me. I am a recent college graduate and currently in pursue of Vet School. I am volunteering at a animal hospital these days for some experience, which led to my first planted tank...How? Good thing about working at the vets is that you get a lot of free stuff, bird cages, pet carriers, puppies and even FISH TANKs. A generous lady recently dropped off 2 10g fish tanks at the hospital. Since I got the tanks, I began gathering the materials. I knew that I needed some ADA aqua soil, after hearing all the fantastic thing about it. When people in this forum says expensive...they mean expensive. After spending $50 dollar on these soil... I pretty much went out of money for other things. So I decided on some sponge filters and some 6500K light bulb from walmart since they are both relatively cheap...

After gathering all the materials, I knew that I want to try out both a rock scape and driftwood scape. Well...rock and wood cost a lot in the aquarium business too.... so with 2 pieces of driftwood and some rocks I was able to go home and try out the "hardscape" not sure if this is the right word. And it looked something like this:

The driftwood scape is pretty much the same with some driftwood on the right side and there's no slop in the soil.
Next step is to pick out the plants for these aquariums. Since I already spend almost $100 dollars on these stuff, that leaves me about 20bucks for plants...after search through dozens of petco and petsmart, I realized how tough it is to get some decent plant in the inland empire area... finally I found a local fish store and the owner recommended some java fern and java moss since they are really easy to take care of. After hours of tying plant of the rocks and plants...

it turned out looking like this:

(sorry about the poor quality, I don't have a camera)
I fill the tanks up with water from the vending machines (DI water)? and although I have no heater in the tanks, they are around 70F. I am planning to add DIY CO2 in both tanks as soon as I have some extra money.

Some questions:
The tip of my java fern is sticking out of the water, are the leaves going to dry up?
Is 70F too low for plants?
What are some other types of plants you guys recommend?
What do you think about them so far?

These are nothing like some of the tanks on this forum, but I did put a lot of effort in it, so any comments will help.
Also I am looking for any extra clipping that you don't need.. I am willing to pay for the shipping, as it's almost impossible to get plants out here... Anything helps and you will see picture of them in this post!

A kitty that we just delivered today! GOOD LUCK IN LIFE~

Thank you for reading this!

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I was going to type out a long and brilliant comment (with somthing to the effect of I like your hardscape and what kind of rock/wood is that) but then you had to go and include a picture of that kitten at the end.


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Thank you, you are my first reply (I was refreshing so many times....) The wood was sold to me as lava rock ($1.99/pound), I like the caves on the rock that's why I bought it. Yeah...It was my first time seeing a freshly born kitty! Thanks for the comment!
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Looks beautiful already. Have you tried doing Iwagumi?
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Yeah, I've seen Iwagumi Tanks, but these rocks are kinda ugly compare to those with white lines in them, perhaps I will go and collect some rocks and start a Iwagumi rock scape, since nothing is really planted, they should be able to move around easily. Any ideas if different types of rock will effect the water/plants?
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I'm not sure whether or not you have it, but making a slope of your substrate towards the back, or even towards the rock arrangement would give it a little more depth.
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Hhmmmm.....for a ten gallon, I would suggest anubias, the java ferns and the mosses. All of these plants will be pretty low tech and easy to take care of while learning. Also, Vals should be pretty easy too.

Once you get a little more experience, then I would suggest a DIY Co2 but you'll want to use a different filter. Sponge filters are air-driven, and this in turn will contradict the Co2- but you won't need to worry about that quite yet.

Good luck on your adventure and if you need help, keep asking.

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I was very tired when I got home after work, didn't plan to touch the aquariums, but sitting on the dinning table was a plant shipment from Tonysuk. The package include a tennis ball sized peacock moss and a generous amount of glosso (FREE!). Thank you so much Tony! I also took the advice of Martin Schellinck by adding some slope...but the sponge filter is totally in the way...now I know why I never see sponge filter in the planted tanks...

I immediate forgot how tired I was and rearranged the aquarium, and began planting. I decided to plant the glosso in the driftwood tank and the peacock moss in the rock tank. I just realized how hard it was to plant in these soil... especially when the roots are so tiny.

5 Minutes in to planting:

15 Minutes later...

30 Minutes later...

After that I was really tired and just layer the moss in the rock tank:

Picture of both tanks:

I bought a gang valves since I only have one pump but two sponge filters...I also added a timer, since the lights were on almost 12 hours a day (now reduce to 8hrs).

Some questions:
Do I have a chance with the glosso without CO2? The lights seems pretty intense sine they are 25W 6500 bulbs and the tank is pretty shallow... Also is it possible to tied glosso on driftwood?
If I want a carpeting effect with the peacock moss is there any thing I have to do or can I just lay it on the soil?
Which tank do you like better?
I am still looking for some easy low light stem plants and some anubias, if you have any for cheap let me know, it would be great help!

Thanks for the advices!
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glosso i think is pretty hard to grow especially with the light you have it is pretty iffy.the glosso might grow but then die or stop growing all together,by the way i like the left tank
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Bug in tank

Today when I was looking at the tank, I noticed something moving. Strange, since I haven't added any livestock in there. But there seem to be a bug in my tank (only saw 1 so far). The bug looks a lot like the dwarf shrimp-lets. about 3mm long and have a clear, brownish body color. The bug walk like a shrimp except a lot faster... must've came with the glosso in the tank...Any idea what kind of bug it is? Would it be harmful to have in my tank? It actually looks kinda cute.. I will try to get a pic of it later, but he is moving fast and digging in to the substrate.
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Like the progress! Congratulations on a successful start and welcome to TPT. Without a picture, can't really say what you have in the tank. But it is possible you had a hitchhiker shrimp. That would be sweet.

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It's been a while since I updated, but a lot has changed. I gotten a lot of material for more aqua-scaping. First off are the manzanita driftwood:

and the scape:

The Glosso seems to be growing well in the 10gallon low tech tank, there are some dying older leaves that's turning yellow, but there's also a lot of new leaves growing. I tried tying gloss on driftwood and they seem to grow much better than the planted ones.

I went back during chinese new year and gotten a lot of plants from various fish stores: Ocean aquarium on cedar st. and Aqua Forest both have a way better selection of plants than any other aquarium store I've been to in socal.

Here's a new picture of the scape:

and the other tank,

I am planning to add some DIY CO2 in this tank too, I read the jello method and it seems like a longer lasting form of DIY CO2. Here's the material I came up with:

I am planning to attached 2 2L bottles into one powerade bottle, in case there's forming that could reach the fish tanks. From the powerade bottle, it will attach to a split valve and split into 2 diffuser in each tank. The jello is hardening in the fridge right now. So I will post picture of the complete set up tomorrow.

I also discovered some cool thing about sponge filter, if you get the azoo one, you can actually create some water movement by extending the air tube above the water like this:

I decided to make this a shrimp only tank, mainly CRS, so far there is no fish in the tank, which is probably why it is full of creatures, bugs, worms, some small white dots that darts around and snails snails snails.... I will do more updating later! thanks for reading
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