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Journal before the Journal! *broadband WARNING*

ok so heres heres where the idea of the journal before the journal begins

i was looking around for my new external filter for my newly setup tank and after checking the usual places i noticed something, i could buy a whole setup for the price of a new filter. this then gave me the idea to swop from my double tank stand into one 48". after looking for a few minutes i came across a full setup with 48" tank, external filter,heater, air pump etc

now i knew i didn't have the time or cash to setup 2 tanks at once so i thought i may as well experiment with my new 48 while i am setting up the other one.

and so begins the journal before the journal!

few things i want to test out before i finish this Jb4J.

  • diy co2
  • lighting
  • plant types
  • moss wall
  • moss tree
  • substrates
  • filtration
  • Aquascaping
my plans for each of these are as follows

diy co2

i want to try different yeasts
different recipes
different diffusion techniques

my first batch which i started on 28-05-08 (dd-mm-yy( i know some places do it different but this way is correct)).

2 liter pop bottle with airline tubing siliconed into the cap.

in this batch i used normal bakers yeast, which i got from a store but u can buy on fleabay.

2 glasses of ordinary sugar
a touch of bicarbonate of soda
the reason i chose this recipe was because its possibly the most simple and widely used.

for diffusion i hooked up a power head to a small 500ml pop bottle with a 16 mm hole drilled into the bottom this was situated as close to my intake as i could get

so far i have roughly 1bps ( but no way to test c02 in water.( will be getting a drop checker eventually but for now no fish so im not to scared about over dosing c02))

future plans:
hagen ladder
drop checker
dual cultures (2 bottles separated by a week)
different yeasts ( such as champaign, wine etc)
possibly 5 liter bottle

for me this is the most important part to the whole thing.

ive looked at the hood that came with the tank but i just cant see me finding enough room to mod the lights

so i plan on making my own hood
here are my plans

i plan on making the support for my hood out of 2 by 2 wood
as its going to be a planted tank i want to be able to have as much access as posible that is why i have removed the front top brace you would normally see.

the little circles are where i plan on drilling. i will also be using wood glue
i then plan on covering this up with some board that is strong enough not to bend under the weight of the light fittings.

as for the actual lights i plan on trying the spiral florescent daylight energy savers.

im thinking of 6-10 of these(so i can take some out if needed) and maybe a normal aquarium bulb.
the inside of the hood will be painted glossy white but i may also source some mirror tiles.

more to come
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# plant types
so far i have brought some cheapo plants from local pet store and some that i have removed from my other tank, if anyone can identify these please do so!




4 ( tilt you head time)




8( this stuff is in all my tanks and i swear it grows faster than i can pull it out, its like hair for each once i pluck 2 grow back)

moss wall
kinda self explanitory but im not sure what i have in it i think posibly ricca

moss tree
this is something that i will need for my scape. ive ordered some xmas moss and im just sourcing the "trunk"

in the tank atm is a layer of john inns number 2
academia bonsai substrate
sand or gravel.

im not realy sure what my plans are here as i dont have too much cash so ada soil is out of the question shipping is too much!
ive head john innes and academia are good so i think ill give them a try under high light and co2.

now the sand and gravel! ok i hate gravel it doesnt look nice, but sand on the other hand is very high maintenance.
i think i will end up with some dark fine gravel and a lighter fine gravel for a feeding area.

atm i have a hydor 30 external on the go and its plain for me to see this just doesn't quite cut it. so its either extra filter or a sump.
inside the cabinate i would have room for a sump that is 11inch deep by 22 inch long and anywhere from 1' to 2' high( this would need to be custom made i think for around 30) there would be problems with the highegit and glass thickness so i may just opt for a 15inch high
sticking with my diy it will have a diy overflow that ive seen around on forums latly such as the one u can see here.


this is where my endgame comes in!
i hope u can imagine the look i want.
it is my original take on a much used outlook.

on the right of the tank will be a rock/plant mass mountain

in the centre of the tank will be sort of river feeding area ( for my shrimps)

and on the right will be a field with a lonely tree!

i will also drop in the moss wall where i think it looks best if it comes out ok.
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those are some ambitious plans.good luck with that project.Oh,and what do you use to plan that with,the graphic program?

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Those are some good plans, hope it turns out how you want it to, I'll be interested in seeing your moss tree, as I've thought about doing something similar.

Madhun67, I'd guess he's using Google Sketchup (its free).
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thanks for the support

yes it is indeed google sketchup

as for the xmoss tree in my serching ive seen them 3 times the first one looked awesome i think by some very good aquascaper, the second looked somewhat like a tree but nothing spectacular and the third just looked like some twigs with green stuff on lol

i just found a pic of what i would be aiming for the the moss

anyway onto the update my girl gets bored on weekends and she likes it when we go for a "drive" so after about 30 minutes i remembered we were near a garden centre id visited in the past( it was a pure accident that we drove that way honest ). i also thought this could be the place for me to pick up some eheim tubing for my filters. WRONG they tried to charge me 4 quid per meter, i almost burst out laughing at the staff when they told me, anyway when your in a garden centre who can refuse to look at the fish.

my girl made me promise if i setup any more tanks i have to do a cold water one (dam nemo!!!) that film is gonna cost me a bomb!

so no fish realy worth talking about but on the way out i saw some plants and thought what the hell why not. so i brought 3 plants dunno what they are dont realy care, as this is all an experiment and ill prolly just toss the ones that dont look right when im done.

after paying and heading for the exit i see a sign that basicly says "YOU come and buy these beutiful rocks" im like me? and the sign says YES YOU. so anyway i end up buying this rock which i think could pass as a mountain, i take it home on the way into the door i drop the dam thing but i stuck it in the tank to see what its like and in person it looks pretty dam good, i tried to take some snaps but they just dont seem right here they are anyway, forgive the flash was in a small rush.

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ok so today i made the frame for the hood

first i cut all the pecies to size

then i stuck them togeather to make sure they would fit on the tank

at which point i was confronted by my first hurdle

as you can see from them pics the front and back panels where abotu 2 mm higher then the sides which ment my frame wouldnt have sat right
so after a 20 min brain storm and testing ideas of how to cut the gap i tried hand sawing,circler sawing, chiseling, drilling and finally used an old plane to shave away the edges

after all this miss it finlay sat okish

i then began to glue and screw it together

then once the whole frame was finished i stuck it on the tank for a final check before the white paint and yatch varnish, i will hopefully ad the boards some time in the week if i get home from work early enough.

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its coming along nicely

can't wait for the finished canopy
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I bet it will all look great when your done!! My boyfriend hates my fish He think I spend too much one them. Glad your girlfriend is more understanding!
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