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75G planted discus tank

Hi guys,

Just an update on my 75G planted discus tank. It's been going well for the past 5 months...Had some trouble with algae the past months, but I reduced my lighting and now have only 4 lamps over my tank. I also used Tom Barr's Estimative Index to great effect. Algae has virtually disappeared from my tank...

Excuse the poor quality of the pictures, these were taken with my MiniDV which isn't really suited for high quality pics...

Positive/Negative comments are welcome... Thanks!

Front Shot

Right side close up

Diagonal view

Discus eating

Close up of red melon discus looking for more bloodworms

Full tank shot

Some more shots

Left side

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Part 2

More fishies

Angels closeup

Albino cories on vacation...

Feeding time!

Last na po...

Thanks for viewing...
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Wow...really like your choice in fish and everythings looks healthy. I think I would open up some space on the left side of the tank, atleast at the front of the tank so the fish would have a little more room. Please don't take that as an insult it just seems like a lot of big fish and not much open area?...IMO I really like the shot of the albino cory's. How about a whole tank shot!
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Thumbs up Very Nice

I really love your tank. I too have a 75 gallon but it is still new. Please provide specs on your tanks. Include: Lighting, Substrate, Filter, C02, Fish Species, and Plant species. I would also like to know how often you do water changes and what do you add to your water.

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yea looks clean and everything looks like its growing well.u got my favorite discus in there, the red melons

75g - Ebo Jager 200w - Rena xp3 - Aquaclear 500 - 130w light (8hrs) 260w light (4 hrs) - 2 discus - 4 cory cats - 2 pleco - 2 rams - 1 clown loach - easy grow,low light plants
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I like your scape, all of those differant plant species gives the tank alot of interest. I think your type of scape goes really well with the colorful discus.
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Nice looking tank... a few too many fish varieties in one tank for me but everything looks healthy and well maintained... great job..
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Great to see all of these planted Discus tanks out there!! Although the plants look great, I really see some potential problems with this set up. The tank seems a bit overstocked. I would keep an eye on your Nitrates as you may or may not know Discus need clean water. Keep in mind that you may need several weekly water changes with that stocking level when they get larger and produce more waste. I think you'll find that as the discus grow that they'll get more and more crammed in too unless you stunt their growth, but even then tight conditions can still be an issue. I would try and free up some more open space for them.

Another potential problem is the Angels and the Discus together. I don't have any first hand experience, but I understand that Angels are carriers of diseases that can kill Discus. I also understand that the Angels can be aggressive being that they are territorial. I would imagine the latter getting worse as both species grow out and have less and less space. So just something to watch out for.

Lastly I would keep an eye on the SAE's. They can take a liking to the Discus' slime coat. I say that because I had 4 SAE's that were always grabbing onto my Rainbows in my old tank. This only seemed to be the issue when they got older. They were actually a great little algae eater when they were younger.

I actually think that your tank as is would be great with everything in there minus the discus strictly from a practical point of view, but at any rate I hope it works out. I really don't mean to discourage you. Hope it works out.

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Thanks guys... =)

Thanks for the nice comments guys...

Well so far the discus and the other fish are going great guns, very healthy and active. I think the angels and discus incompatibility issue is just a myth. For what it's worth I did and still quarantine any new fish before introducting them to my tank. Only reason I could think of why you can't put angels and discus together are that angels are such hogs. But so are my discus.

In my experience, heavily planted tanks such as mine have cleaner water than other setups since the plants absorb a great deal of toxins in the water before they accumulate to dangerous levels. I used to change 20% of the water daily but have stopped doing that since I'm following Tom Barr's Estimative Dosing for fertilization. I only change my water 50% once a week. The discus are thriving so its working for me...

I used to have a lot of neon tetras (60) but the discus decimated the population, going through them at the rate of about 5 neons a day...

Lighting: 4X40W NEC Biolux, 2X36W Osram Biolux Fluorescents
Photoperiod: 10 Hrs/Day
Dosing: KNO3, MgSO4 and Iron + trace elements (Macros and Micros alternately)
CO2 = 30PPM (DIY 3 bottles gelatine/yeast mix)
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Well I don't think it's a myth. I really think it's a valid fact that Angels can carry internal parasites, which live symbiotically with them so qt'ing them won't make a difference since they don't show symtoms. It would be cool if someone who has more first hand experience jump in. Just keep an eye out for abnormal stringy/ white poop from the Discus as this can be a sign of internal infection.

I was surprised to hear that your Discus and not the Angels ate the Neons! I've seen Angels go after smaller fish, but never Discus yet. You sure they aren't paranas? LOL
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I feel like a jerk posting something critical, but IMO the number and variety of fish kinda detracts from this awesome tank.

What all do you have in there?

I count 4 Angels and 3-4 Discus. IMO that is too many large fish for a heavily planted tank of this size. I think the overall appearance would be better if you went with one or the other, angels or discus. And maybe capped it at 5-6, instead of the current 7-8.

Other than that you have modest groupings of orange platys, SAEs, and albino cories. All look healthy and great. No problems there. Tho you could easily add a couple more to each of these groupings, if you wanted to keep stocking levels high.

But then you seem to have 1 or 2 of a whole bunch of different fish. Is that a kissing guorami? A dwarf guorami? That yellow fish really stands out. And at least a couple more I cannot identify.

IMO, the overall effect makes the tank look a little too busy. Your eye doesn't know what to focus on. (And remember, this is coming from a guy who likes heavily stocked tanks!) For me, the fish distract me from your obviously healthy plants.

Your eclectic grouping of fish might not stand out so much if so many of them were not such bold colors. Instead of orange, yellow, and albinos, silver or brownish fish would provide interest, while not competing with your showy discus/angels for attention. Maybe a couple of schools of 2 of the larger species of tetras, so the big guys wouldn't eat them so readily. Say, maybe, red-eye or black tetras. And except for "specimen" fish, I generally think single reperesentatives of a species look somewhat "lonely."

So, in sum, I would recommend going with either discus or angels, trading in most of your singletons, and schooling up a couple of less boldly colored species.
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