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Adam's Planted 3 foot tank

Hi guys,

This is my first tank. It is a bit of a mess at the moment but on Friday it will be getting a tidy up and finally getting around to making it of a quality work I am proud of showing.

Below is the specifications of my planted Layout;

3 foot by 20 inches by 20 inches Tank
* Rimless, Braceless, Supportless Tank
* 12mm Glass Panels
* Bevelled Polished Edges

Tank Stand
ADA inspired Tank Stand
* 730mm high
* Exact template taken off an ADA Tank Stand
* Finished in Satin Black (even the insides are done in satin black)

6 x 9L ADA Amazonia I Normal
1 x ADA Penac P
1 x ADA Penac W
1 x ADA Clear Super
1 x ADA Tourmaline BC
1 x ADA Iron Bottom

1 x Eheim 2217
* Standard Eheim media with a seachem purigen sachet

1 x ANS iFlo Filtration Set 17mm Lillypipes

1 x Aquascape Design 6 x T5HO ASD900C 3 Foot Lighting Unit
* 6 x Giesmann Mid day and Aqua flora mix (3 each)
* Phillips Advance Ballast
* Used to hang with Cade Luxury Light Stand
* Colour: Anodized Black
* Dimensions: 900 x 370 x 50mm

1 x Cade Luxury Light Stand

1 x Hydor Eth Inline 300W External Heater
1 x ADA NA 12mm Thermometer (Clear)

C02 Set Up
1 x C02 Pro 0.82L Injection Package with extras
* C02 Pro 0.82L Bottle
* C02 Regulator
* Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve
* Needle Valve Tap
* 3.5cm Japanese Style Glass Diffuser
* 3.5cm Pollen Glass Diffuser
* 2.5m of c02 tubing
* Brass c02 Bubble Counter
* Glass c02 Bubble Counter
* Glass Check Valve
* DAZS Beetle c02 Bubble Counter
* ANS Drop Checker

1 x C02 Pro 0.82L Bottle (Spare)

1 x Ferka Aquatilizer 500mL
1 x Ferka Balance K 500mL
1 x Green Brightly Step 1 500mL
1 x Green Brightly Step 2 500mL
1 x Green Brightly Special Lights 500mL
1 X Green Brightly Step 3 500mL
1 x Seachem Flourish Excel 2L (May not be used)
1 x 500mL Seachem Flourish (May not be used)
1 x Seachem Iron 500mL (May not be used)

Now dosing EI

Plant Tools
ANS Plant Scissors Surgical Grade – Curved
ANS Plant Scissors – Curved
ANS Plant Tweezers – Curved
ANS Multi Purpose Tweezers

30kg Iwagumi Lava Grey Fieldstone Rocks from Aquascape Design

Lots of various plants, final list will be updated on Friday once I get it finished.

Breeding trio of Apistogramma Panduro
20 x Rasbora Hengeli
20 x Black Neons
8 x Otocinclus
50 x Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS Shrimp)
10 x Caridina sp NTnilotica (Northern Territory Algae Eater Shrimp)

Other Products, Medications, Water Change Products
1 x 2L Seachem Stability
1 x 2L Seachem Stress Guard
1 x 473mL API Melafix
1 x 100mL Aquasonic Ichonex
1 x 120mL Waterlife Protozin
1 x 120mL Waterlife Sterizin

1 x Sera Vipan 75g Food for the Rasbora Hengelis
1 x Spectrum Algae Wafers for the Shrimp and Otocinclus
Regular serves of Frozen Bloodworm
Regular serves of Frozen Brine Shrimp
Regular serves of Live Blackworm

Anyways on with the pics;

Still got lots of trimming to do and propegating to make it look like a planted tank to how I would like it. It is a bit like a jungle at the moment with plants floating at the top and had to have a four day black out to stop an algae bloom that occurred so the plants are lots worse for wear so trying to pump the lighting, ferts and co2 into the tank now it is all back under control. Still a good two or three months off how I would like it fully trimmed and lush bushes. Still have MORE plants to come with some nice rarer stems from Jeff at Liverpool creek when he becomes available again for business. Cannot wait for more plants and for a lusher look.

AS OF FRIDAY there will be all new plants and new layout so keep an eye out Please excuse the floating plants just sitting there (laziness)

Thanks guys,

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hey Adam its divy from AL,

What did you end up doing with the discus?
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Hey Divy,
Ended up selling them as they looked so out of place in there and they were just digging up all my plants and substrate from the previous owner who had them in the wrong environment they were so skittish and tempremental (worst discus I have kept to date) and they just needed a new home so they got one

PS where is your tank mate, I have not seen much of it these days and it was one of the tanks I loved following so much! Get on an update asap I am so keen to see

I will swap all these fish out for a big school of coral red pencilfish soon (I know I said I would not put them in here but I am dying to have coral reds and this is only tank which I can put them in as the biotope has melaleuca and they will die in there). The school of pencils is going to cost me an arm and a leg but itll be worth it.

Plants arrive thursday lunch time from Jeff at liverpool creek aquariums. So pumped!
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Hello discus_noob,

Why would coral reds die in a tank with melaleuca? I saw your biotope thread and became very excited at the idea of using melaleuca as driftwood since it's all over the place here, but now I'm a bit concerned...
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After many articles and concerns online from many people outlining their history of coral red pencilfish with melaleuca or dosing of tea tree oil, the consequences always resulted in colonies of fish dying.

For 4 x coral red pencilfish wild caughts in Aus you are looking at 100 dollars or 33 dollars per fish, so I cannot afford a colony of 15 to all just drop dead suddenly due to this reason. Ryan (Japes on other forums) has the nicest biotope;

Where he actually lost all of his pencilfish and he is great at keeping apistogrammas, corydoras and also geophagus. They were dying one by one slowly after time. I am unsure if it is the strength of tea tree oil as his tank is similar to mine in terms of heavily packed with it or just any trace of it. He put it down to that, and also another friend of his who has the same fish had the same result as a result of melaleuca (seems too coincidental). If you search tea tree oil and pencilfish there are multiple results with similar issues. I wish I could keep them in my biotope I really do! But looks like I will be keeping Nannostomus Marginatus as these dwarfs are fine with melaleuca. The biotope tank is no where finished in terms of wood as I need more wood for the bottom and a thick layer of peat/mulm for the bottom but thank you means alot for a five minute rush job as I was sick of looking at half sunken wood due to laziness hahaha!
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I agree, better safe than sorry. That's a shame, though. I love the look of those branches and could just imagine the coral reds swimming through them. Have you heard of any other fish being affected by melaleuca driftwood in similar ways? I Googled but was only getting pages about people using the oil to treat fish ailments.
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Alright time for a BIG UPDATE;

Tank yesterday got stripped bare of ALL PLANTS. This meant that I had time to just sit back and clean all the sides, front, back everything from scratch which come in handy as tank glass was a little algae ridden haha! Next went all the hc and all the plants. They went into buckets over night and after multiple water changes later to try and keep the muddy water somewhat under control I woke up to a cleaner tank and started planting. I had to strip it all down due to a uncontrollable problem with a pest everyone hates known as U. Gibba which is the bladderwort everyone hates! pesty plant! I loved the last scape, dont get me wrong i loved it to pieces it had such amazing depth and good hard scape however it was too much of a hardscape for me especially on the right hand side it just looked too cluttered with rocks and not enough plants for my dutch feel. i wanted my lovely plants to do the talking over some ugly boulder rocks that did not even tie in with the rest of the other rocks so out they went and in went some rocks that matched. Also some of the rocks got removed from the back end of the tank on the left hand side as well and the wood piece got a new alignment. It was just simple small things like that that made me happy as it meant that I can create a more DUTCH feel over a normal aquascape as I want all my plants tapered and lush and dense and just crowded with quality stems and not really showing the hardscape apart from at the front (which is how it is like now). This scape will simply put more emphasis on the plants and gives me more room to plant plants compared to before with the removal of 4 rocks from the scape.

My plant list now includes;

Ludwigia "Cuba"
Rotala colorata
Rotala sp h'ra
Rotala mini Type2
Rotala indica red
Rotala nanjenshan
Rotala mini Type1
Rotala sp "Green"
Rotala rotundifolia
Eriocaulon cinerum "micro"
Pogostemon helferi
Ludwigia glandulosa
Ludwigia inclinata
Ludwigia Arcuata
Limnophillia Sp Vietnam
Tonina fluviatilis
Ludwigia brevipes
Eriocaulon Cinerum
Eriocaulon sp Shiga
Eriocaulon Parkerii
Sygonanthus sp 'Belem'
Eleocharis sp "Japan"
Staurogyne sp "Tropica"
Dwarf Pygmae Chain Swords

Soon to have a full carpet of UG, and also some more cinerums and also 3 x more eriocaulon sp shigas and might try one or two eriocaulon sp reds just for fun.

Now with the above plant list finished, and all the plants looking lush and newly planted. It is just a matter of time before it becomes densely planted and trimmings occur regularly. I am hoping this turns out how I am picturing it.

Pictures are just after the scape (yes it is muddy) and the water will clear by tomorrow (heres for hoping!!)

I would love peoples recommendations and critique the scape please so please do come forward!

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Gotta just give this tank 2 months to show all the plants to their beauty. I ordered big so there is atleast 15 plus trimmings per list of the stems there just you cannot see them because of the size of the stem itself and being hidden by others or rocks etc. I know it does not look much at the moment and looks very dodgey to say the least but I have a good image in my head it will look very good filled in, and to top it off itll be mostly reds, oranges, pinks and also greens so a good blend overall.

This is my first ever planted tank and second ever fish tank so please understand all this is a learning curve and I am forever learning daily on the net and forums like this.

Just give it time and this tank will look wow, at the moment its below average thanks to lacking of trimmings and height of stems
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looks great
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update since the dirt has settled.

Decided last night, wood is going once the stems take over and do their thing and just add a smaller rock hardscape in the centre to tie in with the rest of it with my spare iwagumi rocks. It is just to keep it with the stem planted theme and the wood does distract the eye somewhat and looks too big and bulky and I just do not think it will tie in with what I am envisaging the tank to look like once mature as I am hoping it will look more dutch scape therefore the stems will be trimmed in steps so no need for the wood to try and do step downs and be a mini feature when I have such beautiful lush plants including some rarer plants in the mix it will just distract the eye. So wood goes once stems at the back start to get some growth on.

Anyone wanting this piece of wood please PM me as it is for sale as of NOW! will come covered in all the peacock moss you see there.

I love the hardscape on this side of the tank and also the colour contrast and texture of plants. Will look good once mature.

Erio Sp Shiga (my new favorite more coming once Liverpool Creek Aquariums has some ready )

Full tank shots. Note the wood will shortly be going from the tank

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Tank has cleared up somewhat and here are some updated pics;

(view from my desk)

Still plenty of growing to do and weekly or twice a week trims to make sure that this turns out dutch scape the way I want it. A few more additions of plants to come in the next few weeks with another 4 more plant types including two more red types and also UG for carpet.

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NEW FISHIES to add to the collection.

This time it is 4 for now, soon to be followed by another 10, and possibly another 4 or 8 more ontop of that

Pics taken just half an hour after being released from the bag. The colour today in the tank is just wow from them.

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Decided whole new direction

Zane and myself were playing around last night for 15 to 20 minutes in the garage with some rocks. Basically both would be mountain scapes. For the three footer it would be a flat substrate bottom very low with erios and pogo helferi, hc, and possibly some eleocharis belem. Then it is a steep climb of the rocks with the rocks supported with bits of substrate in some sections with hc drooping down over the rocks and in the crevices. There will be no gaps where the rocks display gaps as this will be filled with crushed rocks from the leftovers and crammed in there or will be filled with ADA and shove some HC and/or fissidens or mini pellia. There will also be possibly a erio shiga or mini for the top piece where there is a hole in the rock filled with ada and shove a erio or just leave and cover with fissidens. It is a high scape goes 47cms out of the 50cms that the tank is so will look insane!! This was the result for a highly possible next scape for 3 footer;

And also played around with a mountain scape for a 40cm cube. Basically this scape is different. This is with the leftover rocks from the 3 foot and basically will have a shallow flat section in the middle and ADA built up between the rocks to create a curved rock kind of like a cave with a hollow as you can see at the back left hand side. This will be filled with hc, fissidens, mini pellia, pogo helferi, erios and possibly a rotala sp green or hairgrass at the back to create more depth behind the very back rocks. It will be a shallow middle section and sweeping around and back to the front;

Opinions wanted. Of course hardscape looks average in photos but I am sure Zane will jump on and tell you what it is like in person, and it will ofcourse get better once there is substrate in there and there is no gaps between the rocks and filled with HC. Also how will this go for a 12mm 3 foot braceless rimless tank with well over 90kg of rock in the tank haha?

What do you guys think? Tips?

INSPIRATION and hoping to base mine on this;

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What do you guys think? Tips?

INSPIRATION and hoping to base mine on this;


Just read the article by Hector Baca. What an awesome story about the cliffs? His description of how he put the tank together is very complete and solid.

I think you should create more of a valley running down the tank. Maybe play with the direction of the valley or having it snake down your tank. I think this gives the viewer the illusion that the tank is infinite in depth. A black or white background would definitely help. Also, to create the cliffs, I would make them real high to get a better sense of height.


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Mine is more a cliff scape now

Plants need to grow in ofcourse and will look totally different once it has grown in as atm it looks like a mess

Basically We went about fixing up the peaks to get them under the water level as that was the only issue we had with the tank, except for the front right hand side even though there are many non believers, Jeff and myself believe the right hand side should be left the way it is as it will create more depth and it is more "mountain-like" compared to others which have a very flat front the whole way around just doing something different instead of having it flat at the front then BAM in your face with all this rock work and by leaving it flat I personally feel it will just create the rock work further back and the start of the tank further back so to speak (I probably said it all wrong but oh well).. Plus it gives it a better slope up to the back and sweeps into the gully to focus on the lovely pogos and erios in the gulley section. I am still unsure what people think of the right hand side so more comments the better and give reason as to why you do or do not like it please and do remember it will look different when planted so I do believe the right hand side will compliment the left well.

Anyways still got a tonne of planting to do. Here it is;



Still might be ONE or two MINOR MINOR changes if we really wanted but it is looking bloody PRIMO in my eyes and will look totally different when planted. Wait for the HC to droop over the rockwork and amongst the rockwork
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