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Scully's Planted 10 Gallon

Hi everyone, I recently got back into the hobby after doing some house cleaning, finding all my old stuff, and getting the itch to try my hand at it again.

As a kid(~12) I started my first tank (20 Long) with basic fish like guppies, swordtails, corys, and a couple other fish. It slowly evolved over the course of 6 years and by year 5 it was a heavily planted with all the fish being born and raised in the tank. It seemed to be it's own ecosystem that just needed to be topped off every week, I fed it every few days just to be sure the fish got food. It met it's unfortunate end when I went to college and too much water evaporated for the filter to function. I dabbled in SW too, but failed miserably because I didn't want to go big and the 10 Gallon tank I used was too small/unequipped for me to keep it stable.

A couple years ago I wanted to try making an aquaponics system for cheap. I made a frame to sit over a 10 gallon tank and hold a planting bed made out of a storage container, pvc, and Hydrocoton. It worked to an extent but ultimately failed because of a less than optimal design and too small of a bioload. I was successful in growing an amazing basil plant, the other herbs struggled and the growing bed was overtaken by mold.

I recently dug up that 10 gallon tank and started messing with some ideas, I built a couple of internal sump prototypes like you see on fluval tanks. I decided on one and got to work.

As it stands now the tank is almost two months old, it has a simple scape and a simple stocking. It's also is having a battle with thread algae and staghorn/Clado. I've been successful in slowing down algae growth and am going in for the kill in the following weeks. Still trying to find the sweetspot in my dosing regiment(CO2, Nilocg Thrive, SeaChem Root Tabs, Excel, and lighting)

Ludwigia Repens
S. Repens
Dwarf Hairgrass

2x Amano Shrimp
Endless amounts of "pest" snails

Dragon Stone
Eco complete substrade

Filter media: Various sponges, Poly-fil, Hydrocoton.
Adjustable 160gph MAX pump(On lowest setting)
Semi-Submersible adjustabe heater
"Custom" CO2 injection using a mini keg regulator and 16g CO2 cartridges
NICrew SkyLED Plus

Anyway here's the reason anyone looks at a thread:

Day 1: No CO2 yet, freshly planted

Day 22: Added ecocomplete to try and raise ammonia for the cycle

Day 44:

Day 57: Today, it's WC and a trim day. This is beforehand, going to do it later along with an H2O2 spot treatment and some trimming on the Ludwigia

The S. Repens has been giving me some trouble after trying to propigate it but most of the mother plant is doing well and some of the smaller clippings are making a comeback.
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So I was doing a water change and trimming some plants. I start doing an H2O2 spot treatment, had fun watching all the bubbles for a minute. Then I decide I should check the temp of the water I'm dechlorinating... SMASH!... the thermometer slips out of my hand as I'm trying to get the suction cup off and explodes the bottom of it off. The little balls fly everywhere, on the floor, in the tank, in the sump. So I go into a panic, I siphon out as all the balls I can see(along with the substrate). Meanwhile my amanos decide to investigate whats happening/taunt me, so I have to keep shooing them away with my tweezers as I'm trying to clean up this mess. This made them start freaking out, which made me start freaking out that I just killed the only livestock that I have. So I start pouring in my new water, after I get the bucket emptied I ran to my computer to see what I potentially just poisoned my shrimp with. Turns out they're just steel/lead balls that shouldn't really harm them too much, especially if taken out within a few day *phew* Had to take a long breather after that. My H2O2 treatment may have to wait until my next WC now since my spot treatment didn't get to soak very long/doesn't seem to have done too much.

TL;DR - I'm clumsy and breaking your thermometer isn't a huge deal according to the 30 forum posts I read over various websites.

Anyway, Ludwigia Repens is now one of my favorite plants. I almost always have my lid on my tank but when I took it off I was greated by this(the camera doesn't really do it any justice)

So many shades of red and green, it's awesome. I bundled all the trimming and put them where my thermostat was. If they survive this and start to grow a little, I might have to start working on another idea for a tank I've had. This trimming will hopefully give my dwindling stem of S. Repens and DH enough light to start to take off.

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Small update -

One of my Amanos was missing a couple of legs when I first got it (I think it's a her due to the spots). I went away for a couple of days, when I came back I noticed a molt in the tank. Couldn't find her at the time but she popped up this morning and I grabbed a couple of photos. She seemingly grew back both legs in one molt, which is pretty neat.

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Did my water change and trimming a day late this week. Algae is still there but slow growing. The hair algae dies when treated with H2O2, however there is some sort of algae on the tips of some DHG that just won't die. Theres also a small patch of staghorn growing off of some eco-complete that won't die but it also isn't really growing either. Might just have to wait for the DHG to spread there.

I decided to really prune back the Ludwigia since it was getting unruly. I believe it was also the main reason for my algae, the lower leaves were dieing and I couldn't easily get them out, releasing excess organics. The bush was probably restricting some flow in the tank too. So I pulled a bunch of it out, trimmed off the bottoms, pulled a bunch of lower leaves to get ahead of the bush, then replanted the tops I liked. I didn't realize how much it had grown until I had it all out. I replanted maybe a third of it and filled an entire sandwich bag with the rest since I have no use for it... yet. Hopefully losing all this plant mass doesn't screw up my tank too much, for the time being it looks pretty barren from one side.

On another note, I decided to add another element to the tank. After seeing a bunch of tanks with plants like Pothos growing out of the filter I decided to look into what else could be added. I decided on adding on baby tears(Pilea Depressa), I ordered two pots of it. I used one and have the other sitting in my window to compare growth. I read a million and one ways to plant them and decided on using sponge since it was the easiest thing I could dig up in my equipment.

Before pulling the stems:

Stems seperated from soil:

Soil gently removed from roots in dechlorinated water:

I then cut slits into the sponge and shoved the stems/roots into it using my aquascaping tweezers:

Placed into my DIY sump/filter(Don't mind the mess, I still have to cut down the cover and find a better way to mount my shrimp guard):

Still haven't decided on what I'm going to stock in the tank. CRS seem like fun but I don't want to have to deal with an ever expanding population, even if I could use the unwanted population to help feed my buddy's oscar.

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