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Two Tanks - 150 tall and a 7 gallon waterbox

I have two tanks that I am going to journal here. One is a 150 gallon tall tank with a 60 gallon sump, and a 7 Gallon Waterbox that I have on my desk at work.

First is my Nano tank at work. I have it going and have some plants in it. Not only is this my first Nano tank, it is my first planted tank.

I currently have the following plants but will be getting more as time allows.

Anubias Nana
Anubias Frazeri
Java Moss
Moss Ball (Marimo?)

I also have some rocks and some drift wood.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190318_092335.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	20190318_092359.jpg
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This tank is my 150 tall that I have in the living room at home. I like this tank because I got it cheap and built the stand for it myself.

So here I had just gotten the water into it. I was just gong to put in fake plants and just go for a fish tank but decided later that I really wanted some plants in it.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190303_140806.jpg
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My wife did not like how the rocks were put in so I had to redo them. Here is how the rocks on the right hand side ended up.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190306_184630.jpg
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I found this chunk of drift wood at the LFS and had to have it and a few others that I found. I had them soaking for a while and this one actually sank before any of the other ones. I figured that due to it's size it was going to float for months but I was wrong. I stuck a plastic plant behind it and called it good for now.

Name:  20190313_165744.jpg
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That did not last long because I bought an Amazon Compacta and a Staurogyne Repens. Put them into the tank last week. The Repens looks like its going great, but the Compacta was not looking so hot this weekend.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190313_171747.jpg
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This weekend I went out and bought a few things. One was some new plants. Two for the Nano tank and one for this tank. I am trying to remember what this plant is. I know it starts with a C...

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190315_165905.jpg
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I also got some existing tank media to seed the tank with so I bought some fish to go into the tank. Ended up at two placed this weekend and bought fish at both of them. So now we have some swimming life in the big tank.

20 Neno Tetras
5 Male Guppies
1 Surprise fish in the guppy bag
5 Endler Guppies

and while with the wife at the second store,

10 Danio GloFish, two of each color (Orange, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple)

Lost two or three of the male guppies over the weekend. One was almost right away. The second one was the next day when I found him stuck to the overflow, and the third one has just disappeared. He is either really good at hiding, or he is dead somewhere in the tank.

Speaking of hiding... No body is hiding. We are so happy about that. After having Cichlids for so long we were used to fish hiding. But not these guys... All of them are out in the water and we rarely see a fish in the rocks or the plants. They all seem to be very happy, except for one Blue Danio. He seems to have taken the S. Repens as his own personal plant and chases away anyone that comes close to it. He is being a little jerk about it too.

That was on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday I figured that since the plants were not looking so good I would make some changes to the lights. I pulled the light bar I built for my Cichlid tank which has three standard light fixtures on it. I pulled off the lights from the saltwater setup, to include the 205w MH light and replaced it with the other one. We had just bought some replacement 90watt LED flood lights for the outside security light and noticed that they were PAR36 lights. So I put three of them in the light bar and turned them on. They really light up the tank but boy! Are they yellow! So I pulled out the middle one and put the three led fixtures onto the tank support across the middle. These added quite a bit of blue back into the tank and really improved the look.

Sadly, but the time I was done withe everything I was tired and wanted to just watch some TV. So I did not get any photos of how it looks now.

I will get some photos since I changed the lights and post them tomorrow.

Frisco, TX

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Here is the picture as promised. The phone camera really picks up the blue from the LED fixtures. It does not really look this blue in person.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20190318_174112.jpg
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Ok so now I have my first real problem. I tested the water in the big tank yesterday. Nothing too surprising on the Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates front, except that apparently the seeding of my filter did not happen as fast as I wished. I am using the API test kits for Freshwater and the GH/KH kit.

Am: 1
Nitrite: 5
Nitrate: 0

Need to do a water change tonight and that will help that.

Here is what I will need help changing.

Hi Ph test: 8.2
Kh: 8 Drops (~142 ppm)
GH: 16-17 drops (~284.8 ppm)

I know that is high... I knew our PH was high from when I had the Cichlids. Plus I just checked out the cities annual water report and saw they measure it at 8.5.

So I guess I am going to pick up some RODI water at the LFS and add it to my tank to see what it changes. If it helps I may have to pull out my RODI filter and start making some water again.

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OK, it has been a while and there were a few changes. Figured I would update this so I have photos and stuff to compare the tank to later on. Plus just in case anyone is interested in seeing how it's going.

The office tank had to come home. To many issues with it being unattended to multiple days in a row. So it is currently at home with a few plants in it going to a cycle.

The big tank has had quite a few changes to it as well. Thanks to AquaScape giving me a bunch of stems and floaters, and me getting into a bad habit of buying any cool looking plants I come across, I now have the 150 tall planted. I pulled all of the plastic plants I bought and added a pressurized CO2 system and built a reactor for the sump.

Front View

Side View

Here is a list of the plants that I currently have in the two tanks.

These are the ones that AquaScape sent me.

1. hydrocotyle leucocephala
2. Bacopa Carolina
3. Hygrophila polysperma "Sunset"
4. Corkscrew Val
5. Rotala rotundifolia
6. Possibly same as 5
7. Nymphoides Taiwan
8. Crypt wendetii (unsure of species)
9. Nymphoides Taiwan
10. crpyt
11. Hygrophila (Maybe... )
12. Juncus repens (Maybe... One guy says is definitely not Juncus repens
13. Ludwigia Repens (Maybe... It is all red and I only have one stem of it, growing nicely though)
14. Bacopa
15. Ludwigia repens or similar on the bottom, hygrophila polysperma on top
16. ? Hygrophila looks the same as 11
17. Hydrocotyle triparta (grows fast and I don't have it in the substrate, not sure what it would do if it was planted)
18. Duckweed (This is growing like a weed and looks cool. I am going to have to thin it out soon though.)

I also have the following that I bought locally.

Anubius Nana
Anubius Frazeri
Java Moss
Temple Compacta (grew like mad in my Nano at work. Not so fast in my hard Frisco water)
Staurogyne Repens (Struggling but bouncing back)
Amazon Compacta
Grandifolius Sword "Rangeri" (I think... I just bought this about a week ago. Still watching to make sure it's OK)
Ceratophyllum Demersom (Hornwort)
Bolbits Heteroclita
Lace Java Fern

I am about to update a Plant Id post on a couple of the plants. I want to make sure that I have the right name.


Tim Sapp
Frisco TX
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Just posting an update so I have a single thread with pictures of my tank to show the changes. This is my 150 gallon planted tank and the growth it has seen. I have already trimmed it a couple times and had to replant some. I also gave some of the trimmings to a buddy here at work that has a few tanks as well.

I will probably do some trimming tomorrow as well because I am off work and it needs it. The duckweed is also coming out and going into the sump. I love how much nutrients it pulls from the water to keep some of the algae at bay, but hate how much light it blocks. I did this a while back but left a few up in the tank and this is how much it has grown since then. I have also thrown a bunch out from the sump. It got about 3 inches deep in the sump with the roots reaching the bottom of the tank. I had to get rid of it when I was trying to catch a fish in the sump and could not even get a net in.


Tim Sapp
Frisco TX
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