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29g Severums <3 Plants

Well, I've had enough with the lurking. Time to give back to the community.

9-25-04: The tunnel has yet to be buried. There are no fish yet.

9-29-04 A third bag of flourite helps bury the tunnel. See that super crazy, spindly scarlet temple? Yeah, it's dead now.

The month of October was spent fighting wicked algae.

11-02-04: There are now fish in the tank. I also lost my patience with the driftwood learning to sink in my rubbermaid tub/nightstand, so I just threw it in the tank anyway. I also have my diy co2 started at this point.

11-21-04: The stupid tunnel is surfacing. Also, note top right corner, a gold severum. He will begin to wreak havoc on both the planted and invertebrate populations.

11-26-04: I have attempted to cover the surfaced tunnel with slate. I had attached java moss to the slate, but the severum likes to eat thread apparently. You can actually see a hunk of pearlweed in his mouth if you look closely enough.

12-04-04: Note the apparent lack of growth. Do not be deceived! The plants have been growing like mad. The severum has just been pruning faster than they can grow.

12-06-04: No, I haven't removed any plants. Do you see the fat tummy on the severum? His mouth has been permanently stained green.

I gave up on the severum. I was trying to grow him out to live with my Oscar. [img=http://img94.exs.cx/img94/5809/zoroasterhasnewwater12wd.th.jpg] He didn't grow a whole lot (plants lack protein), but I threw him in there anyway. He hasn't been eaten yet.

12-20-04: With the severum gone, I decided to move things around a bit in hopes that they'll actually grow. I ditched the tunnel completely. I have some java ferns and an extra crinum calamistratum in the tank, but they are christmas gifts for someone and will be removed soon.
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Here are some tank specs:

29g, Emperor 280 good for nothing filter, two 2-litre diy co2, 65w cf
I am getting a canister filter for this with my overage check in January. This filter is lame. I also hope to upgrade to 2x65w cf because this just isn't cutting it for me right now. And if my diy co2 doesn't shape up I may just go pressurized as well.

Flora: crinum calamistratum, bacopa australis, dwarf onion, narrow-leafed ludwigia, rotala indica, rotala wallichii, jungle val, chain sword, microsword, stargrass, pennywort, dwarf sag, java moss, riccia, pearlweed, slowly dying ammania gracilis
I'm trying out different things to see what I like that will survive in my hard water. The severum really screwed up the "what will survive" plan, so I'm kind of starting over now.

Fauna: 2 leopard ctenopoma, [img=http://img89.exs.cx/img89/8304/newctenos0528vd.th.jpg] 2 SAEs, 3 yoyo loaches, farlowella, 3 otos
I had 4 amano shrimp, but the severum ate those too. I have a random assortment of ramshorn and MTS that the severum [img=http://img80.exs.cx/img80/4649/mossupdate20073bs.th.jpg]
apparently found inedible.
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Looks cool. When I first started going through the thread I was going to ask how your managing to keep a Sevrum in a planted tank, but then I saw you had to remove it. I had the same issues, we had several in a planted tank with pretty much the same results. It's amazing just how much they can eat.

What was that tunnel for anyway? I didn't see you mention it's purpose. Stratification can be a bugger. If you wanted to keep it down you need to mount it to a broader plate or some kind and sink it flush to the bottom of the tank, that will keep it from floating back to the top of the substrate.

I like the wood you have in there also, good stuff, perfect for that tank. 29's are cool, they are like dwarf-90's.
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The tunnel was for the farlowella, the loaches, and the Ctenos. They had all spent a lot of time in it. Now they hide under the slate and under the driftwood. I'd wrassled that driftwood out of a cave on Lake Superior. It took me an hour with a hacksaw because it was really really out of reach. I'm glad that it is finally getting put to use!
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Now that the severum lives with my Oscar, the plants have started to recover. I completely lost the pearlweed ( FatGuy, I'm sorry). The severum's nest-building completely ruined it. The stargrass is making a comeback, as is the rotala indica. My crinum calimistratum has grown to immense proportions. Its leaves reach the other side of the tank. Since the last picture, I've gotten rid of the bacopa and given up on the SAEs ever not eating the rotala wallichii. I've added some narrow-leaf java fern, dwarf lilies, red tiger lotus, crinum natans, and crypts wendtii, bronze wendtii, balansae, lutea, and ciliata.
I almost have my fert regimen down (just got Greg Watson's last week), but I switched my HOB for a canister and nearly killed my fish with co2 so now I have to adjust my DIY system to account for less loss through surface agitation.

I'm still at the point where I'm just trying to grow things Once I get that down, I'll decide which plants I do and do not like and then try this "aquascaping" thing that you people type about...

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