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6 Gallon Rimless Bowfront

My pair of betta coccinas is probably my favourite pair of fish I have ever owned. They are so beautiful despite not being flashy, and have such wonderful personality and grace. They also do me the favour of reproducing often, though I must say I've never actually raised any of the fry they attempt to produce (except one which somehow survived and died a few months later). But the problem with coccinas is how territorial they are, which does not do the female ("Tiny") any favours in their current home of a 5 gallon Marineland hexagon. It's one of my very first serious tanks, but it's getting full of scratches and I decided it was time for something new.
So I have decided to go all the way on a rimless, 6.1 gallon Aquatop. I'm super excited to actually go all in on a planted tank, not just buy a few plants here or there and call it good. Since it's my first I think I'm going to go for a low tech low light style tank, especially since this tank will be by a north facing window, so it will get a little extra light from there.

Today I went out to the store to pick up some items for the tank. I have an Azoo mini filter from an old tank, so I didn't need to buy a new one. I did buy an Aqualighter Pico after being impressed by the amount of light it lets out for such a small package, but now I am tempted to go an exchange it for it's brother, the larger Aqualighter Nano. While the Pico does give off a nice amount of light, and I am going for a darker, "jungle-y" type feel to the tank, I'm not sure if it'd penetrate the deeper reaches of the aquarium. Thoughts? (Pics below, though it's still daylight here so maybe doesn't show the accurate amount of light).

I also got some "Tahitian Moon Sand" and mixed it with some old TMS I had in a previous tank to create about an inch and a half of depth. Not quite happy with the larger white specs and small pebbles that had mixed in with the old sand that's now in the new tank, but I didn't want to buy a bunch of new sand when I had perfectly good ones at home. I also had a family friend do a glass top for the bowfront since I could not do an accurate curve myself. He did a fantastic job, though I failed to account for the clip on light and now I'm not sure what to do with it haha. Maybe I'll make a separate "stand" for it. Here's what the tank looks like as of now:

I'm not quite sure about the aquascaping. I bought some wood at my LFS, and I'm thinking about going to a stream and finding some nice river rocks and adding some type of moss to it. I know I am going to be re purposing a large Java Fern from the old tank, and maybe the small anubias (not sure what type) as well. I think the driftwood with the fern still has some subwassertang attached to it, those few strands might grow as well.

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I went ahead and got the more powerful light. I'm glad I did, it definately makes the tank look better. Tank has also cleared up since yesterday. I put in some sponge material from the old tank and the java fern wood from the old tank as well, so cycling should be well on it's way. New test kits are coming tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to track the cycling process more accurately. In the meantime I need to pick up some ghost shrimps from Petco, unfortunately LFS doesn't sell them which was kind of odd.

But I've already arranged my driftwood in the tank. I'm hoping that my anubias nana (or whatever it is) can go almost behind the long piece of wood through the middle. I order sag. subulata which will probably end up being a midground-back plant, and marsilea creanta for the very front. I have some stargrass in my other tank that I want to use in the very back corners for some added depth and protection.

I almost feel like I should add some smooth river stones, maybe I'll see what I can dig up from when I was collecting rocks. Let me know what you guys think!
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Hooray! I've got my plants in there. I ended up getting sagittaria subulata, marsilea creanta, Cameroon moss(not attached to the driftwood in the pic), and just a node of Lileaopsis chinensis maryland just to see what it would do! They're all so cute and small. I did thought they would be a bit bigger, I think I was imagining the sagittaria to be more like the regular sag in my LFS. I'm thinking about removing the water and just dry starting it now to help them all settle in and grow faster. I'm just worried about them melting since they are all in their submersed forms. Will it be too much trouble to switch them from submersed to emmersed to submersed again? Not sure how to proceed.

The marsilea is also very tiny! I thought 20 would be enough to fill it out well, I think I have learned my lesson for now. :P I like the look of it more than the others in the Marsilea family though, hopefully it spreads out nicely.
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Wow, I have not updated this thread in....forever. Not that that much happens, but I like to keep myself updated in order to look back at things! I'm actually in the process of making a new tank right now, so I might as well just write what happened to the new tank.

So, while I liked the wood pieces in the tank, especially the one on the right, they created wayyy too much shade. The only thing really growing was the java fern and the cameroon moss. My saggittaria was struggling to live and the marsilea slowly died off (the lileaopsis almost immediately). I think I changed the scape back in December to this:
Click image for larger version

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I personally think the scape is a little lamer...I really liked that long piece of driftwood! But I also wanted to keep the Java Fern on there. That piece of wood also provides a good overhang for my Parasophremus sp. female, who is pretty shy and likes to hide. The ember tetras I have are really fun though. I think this is the first time I've really had a schooling fish for about 2 years now. They aren't crazy active (unless it's feeding time, then they get really frenzied), but they like to peacefully flit about.

The sagittaria really appreciate the extra light too. They are really starting to propagate! I also put a crypt wendtii "Sunset" in there that was floundering in a BGA filled tank I have, and some other random crypts in there (I think lutea?). My java fern is also propogating like crazy...if anybody wants to pay shipping I could probably send a few babies their way!
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